Monday, December 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Is Steve HEALHTY Enough To Get Back On THE SAUZULE ??

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00:00 – Intro Teaser
00:16 – Gorilla Mode SIGMA & Hormone Panel Recap
02:31 – Urinalysis Results
04:28 – Complete Blood Count
07:20 – Blood Chemistry & Kidney Function
11:08 – Lipid Panel
12:53 – Liver Function
13:35 – Fibroscan
16:45 – Growth Factors & Energy Levels
19:18 – Thyroid Function
19:40 – Hemoglobin A1c
20:37 – Cardiac Markers Post-Blue Pill
23:30 – Heart Echo Results
25:56 – CT Angiogram Results
29:53 – What’s Next For Coach Steve
32:51 – Closing Thoughts

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26 thoughts on “Is Steve HEALHTY Enough To Get Back On THE SAUZULE ??
  1. just out of interest, why are you not just staying on trt? It seems like you are doing more damage by coming off. (I've known you come off at least 2 times in the, 18 months or so I think I've been following you?)

  2. You may have read this already, but it seems blue pill worse than disease as far as long term side effects. Might try adding MSM/Chondroitin or chicken bone broth as it seems like spike protein increases the platelet friction on vessel walls and each other. Causes more damage. MSM/CH provide lubricity to the platelets or so I read. Be cheap to try and you would be in the position to see if it has a positive affect. I tried it for my joints but did not do much. My estradiol levels were in the toilet though. Might help platelets. Good luck.

  3. It sucks and I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering these long term effects, but you're in a good spot with respect to the fact that you're doing all the right things to assess your situation. With both eyes open, you can intelligently plan your recovery. Most people would just jump on a big cycle, potentially endangering themselves long term.

  4. Damn coach I hope this gets resolved for you. I do think that people need to be careful when it comes to these “coFLU” meds and vaccs shit weakened a friends of mines heart and it seemed that from the beginning people were having bad reactions on cardiovascular health in general.

  5. Im praying for you Steve. You will make a full recovery. And I want to thank you for opening our eyes to all sides of the bodybuilding life, and encouraging people to do bloodwork and imaging tests, you are probably saving a lot of lives with the info and encouragement. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  6. Steve, almost everything that needs to be said on steroids has been said already. Can we see more Thailand lifestyle videos? I'd personally like to see what kind of bodybuilding food you can get in Thailand commonly at restaurants or meal prep services, talk to some foreigners who have successfully learned Thai, and more information about Thai culture/history and Thai fitness industry as a whole (not just bbing). Just my 2 cents, i know a lot of the younger guys are just fascinated by PEDs and that's why they come to your channel and you have to serve your audience.

  7. Fascinating video Steve I hope you get better and can get back on a cycle
    I throughly enjoy your journey and watching your physique change . As always thank you for your transparency and helping all of us .

  8. I must be an idiot: what exactly was he bleeping out when discussing the "blue pill", and what are 'blue pills'?? The term has various different meanings but I don't think the two main ones apply here. Anybody feel like educating an (apparently) uncultured rube like myself?

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