Monday, December 4, 2023
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Dr. Kiltz's Keto Carnivore Conversations – Speacial Guest Sarah Kleiner

Join Dr. Kiltz and Special Guest Sarah Kleiner (Carnivore Yogi) as they discuss her journey to eating a carnivore diet to solve lifelong struggles with IBS – eczema & depression, and also eating a meat-based diet during pregnancy.

Sarah is a meat-based yoga teacher with 12 years of experience working one on one with clients. Sarah teaches clients how retraining the energy management system of the body and ensuring proper nutrition will allow them to feel and look their absolute best.


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8 thoughts on “Dr. Kiltz's Keto Carnivore Conversations – Speacial Guest Sarah Kleiner
  1. Raw Meat, Organs, Glands, Eggs, Milk, and Dairy, Fruits and Berries, and Fermented Foods and Brews, for the Optimal Diet – What do you Think/Feel? ?

  2. Hi Dr. Kilitz, thanks for another fascinating video. I've watched a few of your videos and it seems that you bring up concepts about the functioning of the organs that the guest hasn't heard of or been taught in their "training". They seem to kinda get the deer in the headlights look and may be thinking….what is this guy talking about? I've never heard of that. I'd really like to learn more about how you think the body and organs work. Is there a video you have where you explain the conventional view and then introduce your own view about how things in the body work? If not would you do one like that? Another thing I wanted to ask about was the standard idea that the stomach digests food with Hydrochloric acid. Pretty much every carnivore seems to agree, but have you heard of the theories of Dr. Robert O Young and how he thinks the stomach is an organ of contribution and that it supplies sodium bicarbonate to deal with food and that the acid is just a byproduct of the chemical processes going on in the stomach. If the stomach uses acid to deal with food and it goes into the small intestine then why doesn't the small intestine get burned by the acid? you may say cus of the pancreas squirting bicarbonate in but how can it get around to the far side of the intestine opposite of where the pancreas tube joins the small intestine? In the small intestine you can have mucus protection from the acid or you can have absorption of food by the villi but how can you have both???? To me there's something about the popular theory of how the stomach works that doesn't quite add up. Thanks again for your original thinking. I think you'd enjoy the teachings of Neville Goddard (1905 – 1972) about how to manifest things on this physical plane.

  3. Dr Max Gerson's original cancer curing protocol had liver juice in it. They took a piece of raw liver and pressed it creating a juice. That was what was curing people of their cancer not the fruit and veggie juices.. His daughter Charlotte Gerson changed the protocol and removed the raw liver juice leaving only the pressed vegetable juices. She claimed it was impossible to find clean uncontaminated liver.

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