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Mitochondrial Health

Get More Mitochondria With Methylene Blue | Incredible Benefits of Methylene Blue w/ Dr Yoshi Rahm

Dr Yoshi Rahm shares how to get more mitochondria with methylene blue. There’s incredible benefits to using methylene blue. You’ll learn tips for supporting mitochondrial function, why methylene blue is the best nootropic, & more!


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In this episode, Dr. Yoshi speaks about the inspiration behind his career in brain health. He explains why disease and life expectancy stats are getting worse instead of better in the United States. Later, Dr. Yoshi dives into everything methylene blue: the history, the benefits, and how it works to improve your health. Tune in as we chat about ozone therapy, extra-corporeal blood ozonation and oxygenation (EBOO), and other biohacks.

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[00:00] Dr. Yoshi Speaks About The Inspiration Behind His Career In Brain Health

[07:55] Why Disease Stats Are Not Getting Any Better In The United States
Many diseases come down to politics, poor education, and big pharma.
Where is the money being spent on advertising? It’s being spent on pharmaceutical ads.
The population will split into two segments: the people who know what real health is and everyone else in the United States.
The average life expectancy has actually gone down in the past year or two.

[12:00] What You Need To Know About Methylene Blue
Methylene blue has been around for a little over 100 years.
In fact, methylene blue was one of the first true medications in the United States.
The World Health Organization has methylene blue on its list of essential medications to fight parasites.
Methylene blue is excellent for the mitochondria.
Methylene blue’s only real side effect is that your mouth will turn blue.
If you require mitochondria support, methylene blue is extremely useful.

[20:20] Using Methylene Blue To Benefit The Mitochondria and Help Your Body Heal
“Methylene blue is food for the mitochondria.” -Dr. Yoshi
You can have these mitochondria that die off, but you can also have half-functioning mitochondria.
When you have a metabolic disease, the mitochondria are not working well.
Methylene blue will go to the broken mitochondria, which will benefit it the most.
There are many reasons for disease, but one is not having enough energy.
When we can correct deficiencies, our bodies will know how to heal.

[27:10] Some of the Many Benefits You Can Experience Using Methylene Blue
Methylene blue will give you clarity of mind because it supplies enough energy to the brain.
Also, methylene blue will help brain fog lift.
Plus, methylene blue is excellent for physical energy.
Any excess methylene blue gets excreted through the kidneys. So, methylene blue is good for chronic UTIs and bladder infections.
Lastly, methylene blue is phenomenal for chronic infections.

[36:15] Using Sunlight, Sea Salt, and Water To Help With Cell Communication
Humans used to get water from springs and rivers.
Water, minerals, and sunlight will structure the water.
Get clean water, add high-quality sea salt, and put it in the sun.
That way, you will better structure the water and absorb it into the body.

[40:05] About Ozone Therapy and How It Can Help You Find Better Health
There are a lot of different types of ozone therapies out there.
Ozone balances cytokines and the immune system. Ozone is a supercharged form of oxygen comprised of three atoms.
At Dr. Yoshi’s office, he does O3D Infusion or Extra-Corporeal Blood Ozonation and Oxygenation (EBOO or EBO2).
This type of therapy will give you a larger ozone dose, translating to better health.

Dr. Pompa with Dr. Yoshi on YouTube:

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10 thoughts on “Get More Mitochondria With Methylene Blue | Incredible Benefits of Methylene Blue w/ Dr Yoshi Rahm
  1. Of course those with an overweight issue due to very slow metabolizing could benefit & boost The weight loss process by decreasing lethargy & feeling exhausted (?)

  2. Half autistic in 10 years? Crazy!
    Some of the many benefits of fasting on the immune system, blood pressure, blood sugar and anti-aging, all backed up by clinical data:
    Thymus stem cells are regenerated, which suppresses aging and renews the immune system.
    Fasting stimulates phagocytosis, the ingestion of bacteria and viruses by the immune system.
    Blood pressure is quickly and dramatically lowered, which is very important for a good outcome with the current pandemic.
    Fasting increases nitric oxide, which has manifold postive effects like reducing arterial plaque.
    Weight loss from fasting only loses10% lean tissue and 90% fat compared to the typical 25% lean tissue and 75% fat lost when calorically restricting for long periods.
    Blood clotting is reduced and blood clots and arterial plaque are reabsorbed into the body.
    Vitamin D plasma levels are increased, and vitamin D in turn increases autophagy!
    Blood sugar and insulin are lowered, allowing white blood cells to move more freely throughout the body and do their job. Ideal blood sugar is around 80. Some viruses activate glycolosis (the release of sugar in the body) and clinically it has been shown that decreasing glucose metabolism in the body weakens the influenza virus.

    It's absolutely fine for cortisol to be high while fasting, because it produces sugar from fat instead of lean tissue

    The hormone Leptin is an immunomodulator that keeps the body from attacking itself and obesity causes leptin resistance. Fasting very quickly reduces leptin resistance and leptin levels and one day of fasting can cut your leptin levels in half and gets your immune system working properly again!

    When you move out of MTOR your body shuts down the building blocks of the cell which are used to produce organelles and proteins. This means the mechanisms needed by viruses to replicate are by and large unavailable when you are in a deeply fasted state.

    It stimulates the AMPK complex and activates autophagy. Autophagy (literally self eating) will cause cells to recycle foreign matter such as viruses and kill cancerous and senescent cells. AMPK does many helpful things in the body including activating the body's antioxidant defenses.

    Does fasting burn muscle? In most cases no!

    Fasting can make you gain muscle faster:

    Deep ketosis virtually eliminates chronic inflammation in the body. This can offset the life threatening symptoms of viral pneumonia which effectively kills you through inflammation. This also creates BHB ketones in your body, which also help your immune system and anti-oxidative system, especially in the brain. Ketones also provide an additional energy source during infection, which is critical when trying to fight off a bug. In fact you can have as much as three times the total energy available in your blood when you are in deep ketosis, or even more.

    It increases mitochondrial function and repairs mitichondrial DNA, leading to improved ATP production and oxygen efficiency and thereby making cells better able to fight off infection. Increased mitochondrial function also has the added benefit of increasing your metabolism and cancer prevention!

    Fasts from 36-96 h actually INCREASE metabolic rate!

    Your body releases interferon which is also triggered by the body during viral attacks to shut down the replication ability of the surrounding cells and stop infections.

    After 72 hours or more fasted, your body actually recycles large numbers of immune bodies and creates new ones, rejuvenating your entire system.

    When you fast, this stimulates apoptosis in senescent or genetically damaged cells. This kills these cells off completely. Senescent cells are responsible for the effects of aging and are the root cause of the development of cancer. If it were possible to destroy them all it would completely stop aging and cancer. That is not possible but fasting can help limit these effects by killing off many of the affected cells and limiting the future effects of aging.

    Fasting also releases BDNF and NGF in the blood which stimulates new nerve and brain cell growth, helping a great deal with diseases like MS, peripheral neuropathy and Alzheimers.

    In fact, the biochemical precursor to BDNF is beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is the same ketone the body produces to nourish the brain while fasting.

    Autophagy induced by fasting even helps hair regrow.

    What breaks a fast?

    Dieters losing weight through intermittent fasting show greater reduction in waist size and increase in insulin sensitivity for the same weight lost and alternate day fasters were shown to lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time over a six month period.

    Fasting has been shown to increase bone marrow volume by 10% and levels of carnosine in the body in as little as a few weeks.

    Fasts of several days will not affect short term female fertility and may increase long term fertility especially in women with PCOS.

    Fasting also increases telomere length, negating some of the effects of aging at a cellular level.

    Eating one meal a day can bring most of these benefits to a lesser degree, and adding a few entire days off from eating per week will have even more effect especially when starting to feel poorly.

    Exogenous ketones can aid with fasting, making it easier in healthy people and allowing some people with specific issues to fast in spite of them without worrying as much about hypoglycemia.

    Children, pregnant or nursing women should not fast for periods longer than 16 hours. People with pancreatic tumors or certain forms of hypoglycemia generally cannot fast at all. Type 1 diabetics can also fast but it is more complicated and should be approached with caution as it could lead to ketoacidosis. Those with Addison's disease may also be unable to fast without liberal use of exogenous ketones, depending on severity. If you experience extreme symptoms of some kind, especially dizziness then simply break the fast and seek advice.


    This list compiled over months of research by the user known as Pottenger's Human on youtube but feel free to copy and paste this anywhere you like, no accreditation needed!

  3. I worked at a contract & generic pharmaceutical company in the Product & Process development department. One of the products we were working on in the 1990's was intravenous methylene blue to replace the original product that was no longer being made by the original manufacturer. It being used a s a Carbon Monoxide poisoning treatment (the CO molecule attaches to the methylene blue coordination complex with a much higher affinity than the heme complex found in hemoglobin, thus freeing hemoglobin to transport oxygen once more). The problem we had was that it kept gelling even after ultrafiltration. And as a dye.. a little bit went a long way.. a missed dried droplet could stain an entire laboratory or person blue… cleaned up with alcohol, but you get the idea…

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