Monday, December 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Power To Heal With Dr. Joe Dispenza | Dr. Carlos

The Power To Heal With Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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Dr. Carlos Jaramillo and the Institute of Functional Medicine seek that you always have good habits and above all clarity about how daily decisions produce much of the diseases that humanity has today.

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Dr. Carlos Jaramillo publishes these videos for educational purposes but they do not represent any therapeutic recommendation for any person so the follow up of their indications is the individual responsibility, and not the responsibility of the creator of the content.

Always remember that in Functional Medicine the origin of the disease is sought and the symptoms are not treated.

Film Director & Post Production: Pipe Orjuela Bustillo

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5 thoughts on “The Power To Heal With Dr. Joe Dispenza | Dr. Carlos
  1. Dr.Carlos thank you for the interview and your amazing commitment to everyone's health, I really love all of Dr.Joe's books and share them with my friends once I finish them ?…Now I have to start yours ?..Hopefully we all decide to follow the advice of you two, thank you so much!

  2. Doc, “se fajó se fajó” con esa entrevista, como decimos en colombia …como siempre usted el mejor, estando con los mejores del mundo. Gracias por ese espacio tan importante ??

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