Monday, December 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Mercola & Dr. Jason Sonners Discuss Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Join Dr. Mercola & Dr. Jason Sonners as they discuss why you should use hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Many chronic illnesses and issues that people are experiencing in America and other industrialized nations have a lot to do with decreased mitochondrial function, increased systemic inflammation, and a lack of the ability for cells to generate the amount of energy they need to perform optimally.

Traditional medicine only thinks about hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help save the life or limb of somebody in a really severe condition.

But the mechanisms that are working in those situations are similar to the reasons that you and I might consider using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for upregulating the oxygen levels inside our body.

This will help reduce inflammation, increase mitochondrial function, and will increase the energy that those cells are able to generate, leading to an increase in overall performance and health.

The mechanisms of action of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are the same, whether we’re talking about gangrene, radiation burns, and osteonecrosis as they are for TBI and concussion, MS, post stroke, or many other conditions & reasons that we might be using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for.

Enjoy this discussion between Dr. Mercola and Dr. Jason Sonners on the benefits of hyperbaric chambers and why you should use hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


0:00 Why you should use HBOT
5:45 PhD in Hyperbarics
6:32 Research has come a long way, but there are still large gaps to fill
10:23 Traditional medicine has been slow to use Hyperbaric for other indications
15:22 Research on Soft chambers
19:41 Half the therapy comes after you exit the chamber
21:24 Hypoxia-hyperoxia paradox
25:47 Oxidation & free radicals
32:07 Molecular hydrogen
33:50 Autophagy-Exercise, fasting, & HBOT
39:30 NAD
44:47 When to eat with HBOT
46:54 HBOT Course for functional medicine clinicians
53:31 Potential uses for HBOT
1:00:41 How often Dr. Sonners uses HBOT
1:06:02 Cycle the pressure & oxygen % during a session
1:07:50 How to find a clinic for HBOT
1:11:06 Dr. Sonners’ book Oxygen Under Pressure


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One thought on “Dr. Mercola & Dr. Jason Sonners Discuss Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen is largely an overpricing scam, bilking thousands of after tax dollars out of peoples pockets thinking it will cure their condition but it doesn’t really.

    I’ve seen it first hand, dozens upon dozens of times; at best it’s a “nice to have” if you have a lot of after tax cash to spend at roughly $4000 for 20-30 sessions and as part of a much broader approach. But you can spend less than that, way less, and put in place a much better recovery strategy with that kind of money.

    I’ve asked many people, after using HBOT “did you solve your problem?” and the answer is just about always no, other than the few benefits that come from sleeping for an hour and statements that try to stay consistent with the money you just torched.

    That’s said, for various emergency and medical conditions it does have some benefits.

    But largely it’s offered by people such as chiropractors who also sell expensive tests with expensive supplement regimens that also pretty much don’t do much, keto diets that can cause cancer and heart disease in the longer run, and intravenous vitamin shots. It’s all a cash cow or “operation money suck” for alternative, functional and regenerative expert doctors trying to make a lot of money from clients who have lifestyles that cause their suffering, but search for “shiny objects.”

    HBOT is a very shiny object, if it worked there would be people everywhere flocking to use them but they don’t. It preys on the ignorant.

    I used to be in partnership with one of these people, who once tried to sell a $16,000 package of HBOT and supplements to a guy on his death bed. He’s now dead. I was almost a-party to that and learned my lesson. It’s just one of many reasons I speak up about it.

    Heck many alternative practitioners themselves are disgusted with how their profession operates. Consider that before you get on my case.

    HBOT is a “nice to have”, sounds promising and no doubt does have some benefits, possibly even a good medical case here and there, but if you are pinning your hopes get ready to blow a lot of money, and then be told you are just not doing it enough or some other cellular defense, if you are not getting well fast enough, from docs at least as interested if not more interested in their own wealth as your health.

    Good luck, be weary of the hype, again nice to have but not at $125-$150 a session out of pocket. The pricing IS the scam.

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