Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Top 5 Muscle Recovery Tips Every Athlete Should Do!

These are the Top 5 Muscle Recovery Tips Every Athlete Should Do! Strength Coach Dane Miller breaks down the best muscle recovery tips for athletes.

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0:00 How To Recover Your Muscles
1:52 Muscle Recovery Tip #1
3:29 Muscle Recovery Tip #2
5:07 Muscle Recovery Tip #3
6:51 Muscle Recovery Tip #4
8:13 Muscle Recovery Tip #5


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30 thoughts on “Top 5 Muscle Recovery Tips Every Athlete Should Do!
  1. I humbly disagree with the reasons why yoga is an aid to recovery. There are a lot of yoga "styles" with vastly different practices, in the West we have turned it into a McDonald's practice reduced to stretching but still, there are a lot of isometric holds that will add to the fatigue generated in training. If we train optimally, IMHO it's not the greatest idea to add yoga on top of that. I did ashtanga for 1 year after MMA class, I did it to motivate a family member of mine but that fatigued me even more. A lot of poses put weight on the hands loading the shoulders, practicing that after a session of olympic lifting or tennis must be quite heavy. I was doing handstand holds and all that jazz.
    Mobility did help me with recovery, I bought "Becoming a supple leopard" years ago and every night I religiously do the routine at the end of the book which rotates all body parts.

  2. Christians can do yoga without fearing a loss of their salvation or drifting from God. Ido not say "namaste" at the end of the yoga session, instead I say "glory to God", & during the yoga session, I keep my mind focused on the attributes of Jesus &/or I meditate on a Bible scripture verse during the yoga session. Also, I ask the Holy Spirit to show me opportunities to witness my faith in Christ, with others in my yoga class. Pls don't approach this negatively brothers & sisters, almost looking for an excuse to not lengthen your life & improve the quality of your life, mentally, emotionally & physically… through the amazing effects of yoga.

  3. #1) sleep & nap.
    #2) yoga.
    #3) sauna.
    #4) meditation.
    #5) sunrise, circadian rhythm, noon sunlight vitamin D.
    #6) nutrition, fasting, careful carbs & reduce alcohol.
    #7) mental & emotional health, reduce stress.
    #8) grounding to the Earth.
    #9) massage & acupuncture.
    #10) nose breathing & box breathing.
    #11) workout partner, for mutual encouragement & accountability, to help push each other to rep failure.

  4. love these videos, I had a question about knee injuries… I'm not sure if you have done a video on it but I just had a little of my meniscus trimmed about 2 months ago and I'm trying to get back into linemen stuff like exploding out of a stance and cutting, but I continue to do it with fear of tearing it again or a supporting ligament… what do you recommend I should do to build that confidence back up?

  5. The best recovery Formula for me is a gallon of water throughout the day, 50 grams of Casein protein mixed with 8 grams of L-arginine, 2 big tablespoons of peanut butter right before bed with minimum 8 hours sleep. I’ll take that over yoga and saunas all day long.

  6. In the winter I started doing yoga a few times a week. Although I don’t follow instructional videos anymore, I use a good chunk of the poses I learned as my pre-workout stretch now. It’s been instrumental to my gains, but even better for my recovery afterwards. Sometimes I just do the stretches out of boredom!

  7. Chanting OM is the best form of meditation trust me. The state of mind you're in is just so peaceful.
    I do it for 3-5 minutes

  8. if so could you link the video here, but if you don’t can you make a video on supplements. i want to start a supplement regiment as a track athlete but idk where to start. should i take creatine?

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