Monday, December 4, 2023
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Why You Can't Stay Motivated and How to Fix It

Many people believe that it’s their lack of motivation that prevents them from making progress… That if only they were able to master their will, anything would be possible.

These are usually men who have historically been motivated which just adds to the frustration. If I could stick to that, why can’t I stick to this?

But what if it wasn’t actually about motivation at all? What if you only needed to master THREE things in order to create progress, momentum and therefore, results?

Over the last 20 years and throughout my career, I’ve studied the intersection of mindset, the nervous system, and the physical body… which are inextricably intertwined.

So on today’s solocast, I wanted to feature a snippet of my last workshop where I share my understanding of what is really holding you back from feeling consistently motivated.

You’ll learn:
– The 3 KEY components of motivation that will help you get unstuck.
– What ONE practice can expand your capacity more than any other.
– The GREATEST driving factor of consistent progress in your training.
– How to preserve + amplify new levels of youthful energy.
– What guarantees continued success in all areas of life.

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0:00 Moving well.
4:00 An important practice as we age.
6:45 The definition of self-mastery.
8:30 Thank you to today’s sponsors BiOptimizers and Organifi.
11:00 The real goal behind muscle building.
16:30 Three key components of motivation.
20:00 What is structural balance?
23:30 Increasing effectiveness in training.
26:00 Challenge versus completion.
30:30 Seeking challenge in training, and in life.
35:00 Aerobic fitness as a priority for recovering.
39:00 Where muscular weakness usually happens.
42:00 How does the body cheat.
45:00 Walking mechanics.
48:00 What creates success.


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