Monday, July 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

FLUIDS iQ's Stress + Hormone Profile (SHP) Test: Secretory IgA, The Body’s 1st Line of Defence.

FLUIDS iQ’s Dr. Aron Gonshor takes a deep dive into Cortisol, Melatonin and Secretory IgA – the 1st line of immune defence by the body.

0:00 Introduction-Complementary Testing
1:52 Cortisol, stressors and the HPA axis
6:38 Melatonin: The multifaceted hormone. Effect as an antioxidant, GI and longevity
15:39 Female and Male Hormones, and effects on intestines
17:53 Secretory IgA (SIgA)-Critical in mucosal immunity
20:26 SIgA: Its creation of passive immunity in the colostrum and breast milk
28:11 How does SIgA work? Formation and key functions: Immune Exclusion
38:02 Causes of low SIgA and clinical relevance
42:06 Clinical relevance of high SIgA
43:03 Normalizing SIgA
45:25 Metabolic physiology
49:03 Cortisol and adrenal response to acute stress
51:11 Stress and the gut-HPA axis. Acute and chronic ctress and its correction
55:32 Chronic stress: Cortisol-gut interaction
57:03 SIgA and Candida: Spherical and hyphal form. The gut health link
1:04:49 SIgA and Melatonin: Circadian regulation and Alzheimer’s Disease


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