Friday, August 19, 2022
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4th International Long Covid Coalition Conference – Neuro Covid

Long Covid Coalition is pleased to host the fourth international congress on long Covid and neurological manifestations.

Dr Kamal Dua is an award-winning pharmaceutics and drug delivery researcher who has deep roots in teaching, research and industry spanning three nations and two continents. He holds dual expertise in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Immunology & Microbiology, and has also completed four professional diplomas in the areas of clinical research.

Speaker 1
Dr Leo Galland is exploring the role of nutritional therapies in prevention of covid-19 complications; the potential for protease inhibition, cytokine modulation and restoration of vulnerable ACE2 functionality. Investigating the impact of the gut microbiome on long-term sequalae of covid-19.

Speaker 2
Rachel Jessey MSc and I am the founder of BeNourished, a UK based nutrition and lifestyle consultancy agency, leading the way in supporting Resistance Resilience and Recovery from chronic illness.

Speaker 3
Stephanie Seneff PhD is a retired, accomplished MIT computer scientist involved in the early creation of interactive digital speech. Latest paper, “Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations.

Speaker 4
Dr Abdul Mannan Baig is a scientist from Pakistan. He is an active clinical and basic scientist in COVID-19 and Long-COVID. He has contributed towards translational research in COVID-19 from the beginning of the pandemic.


Valentina Viduto, PhD, is a Founder of Long Covid-19 Foundation (UK registered Charity) who has outstanding research experience and worked for a number of leading UK Universities. Being a Long Covid sufferer herself, she has direct insight and deep understanding of medical issues and long standing symptoms people experience for months.

Joachim Gerlach is a German entrepreneur and expert in research and development. Mr Gerlach is the Co-founder of VEDICINALS INDIA PVT LTD, a biotech company that recently developed a novel nutraceutical protocol to support patients with acute- and Long-Covid conditions.

Dr Shankara Chetty is a committed, experienced Family Practitioner, with a broad diversity of patients, offering a wide range of outpatient services over the past 19 years.


Dr Philip McMillan is a physician, researcher and international keynote speaker with an innovative approach to COVID-19 and long haulers.


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21 thoughts on “4th International Long Covid Coalition Conference – Neuro Covid
  1. Bro… Did you just say that you found a Bacteria that kills SARS cov 2 virus… Furthermore, did you say this discovery came out of Ukraine?

  2. @Dr. Galland
    After reading many many abstracts, I found that the Clostridium family, as uniquely and positively powerful as it is, I think is also on the flip side extremely dangerous during a bacterial phage; I think it’s the family that causes the necrotizing problems during phage….

  3. @Dr Baig
    I don’t like the term Brain Fog either…. It’s not Brain Fog, it’s brain damage… watered down terminology… ridiculous and scary that, that terminology is being used to minimize

  4. Neurogenesis: vitamin A1, B12 (all B), Folic acid and intermittent fasting… and always tumeric, ginger, black pepper and probiotics for gut, ears, nose and mouth… Also, dandelion leaf messes up the spike a bit… God Bless

  5. I truly appreciate this conference. May I ask Dr. Seneff, if Lysosomes dump toxins because they are overwhelmed by elevated VLCFA and low cortisol (borderline ALD)?

  6. I'm so proud to see a fellow South African on an international panel and it's not about something silly like climate change or having to inject infants with poison.

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