Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

108. What MORE You Need To Know About the Supplement Industrywith Thomas Pennel

The quality of our soil and our poor digestive health means that most of us are not getting enough vitamins and minerals. The solution? Supplementing what we’re not getting. But with all those supplement choices out there, how do you choose a high-quality product at an affordable price? I’m joined by Thomas Pennel from Ortho Molecular Products to talk about how his company chooses high-quality ingredients to create one of the best supplements available on the market.

In This Episode
Why our food sources are more deficient now [3:30]
How living in a stressed lifestyle impacts our body’s need for nutrients [6:00]
How prescription medication can cause nutrient deficiency [6:46]
What makes a good supplement company [9:00]
The importance of clinical trials when it comes to creating natural supplements [14:00]
How the environment impacts the quality of the supplement [16:00]
How Ortho sources their quality products [18:15]
When to question the quality of your supplements [20:00]
The importance of expiration dates on your supplement bottles [27:30]
How to preserve the lifespan of organisms in nutritional supplements [29:30]
What shouldn’t be in your supplements [32:00]
The problem with burping up your fish oil [35:30]
What you need to know about the regulation of dietary supplements [44:00]

Ortho Molecular Makes the Highest Quality Supplements by:
1. Freeze drying the organisms
2. Spraying the organisms with a protective coating
3. Putting more product than needed in the supplement
4. Shelf stabilizing the product

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