Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Can Molecular Hydrogen Increase The Benefits Of HBOT?

Have you ever wondered what other therapies to pair with hyperbaric oxygen therapy? There are several modalities that have synergy with the hyperbaric chamber, and in this video we’re going to answer the question “can molecular hydrogen increase the benefits of hbot?”

Here are some common questions we hear:

-Why would you want to increase hydrogen levels inside your body?

-What are the benefits of combined higher levels of hydrogen AND oxygen inside your body (or in other words, why pair molecular hydrogen with hyperbaric oxygen therapy)?

-What methods are available to increase hydrogen levels inside your body?

We’ll answer all 3 in this video, but in a nutshell there are three different ways that there’s great synergy between molecular hydrogen and molecular oxygen.

1. Redox balancing (the balancing of the oxidation and reduction inside our cells), fighting against an increase in free radical damage.

2. Increase mitochondrial performance (increased ATP/energy production).

3. Balancing the microbiome in our gut, making sure that our immune system and our digestive system stay robust and strong and keep nourishing our body.

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0:00 Can Molecular Hydrogen Increase The Benefits Of HBOT?
0:37 Why would we want to increase hydrogen in our body?
2:07 Redox
2:38 Mitochondria Performance
4:17 Gut Health
6:21 How do we get more hydrogen?
7:31 Magnesium tablets
8:10 The Echo Go


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