Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial Matrix Summit FREE Access Day 1

Welcome To Restore Your Mitochondrial Matrix Summit FREE for a Limited Time

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👉 Meet your excellent speakers for Day 1

✅ Ari Whitten, PhD Candidate, CES, PES Talk 1 – The role your mitochondria play in producing and enhancing your energy
✅ Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc Talk #1 – The Survival Paradox, Galectin-3 and Mitochondrial Health: Mastering Your Biochemistry for Optimal Health and Vitality
✅ Laura Frontiero talk 1 – The Gut Microbiome-Mitochondria Connection: The foundation to building energy and healing your body for good.
✅ Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Requirements for Mitochondrial Superstar Function
✅ Dr. Daniel Pompa – Mitochondrial and cellular detox ‘health myths’ and what to focus on for whole body healing
✅ Kashif Khan – How your DNA drives your cellular health
✅ Cynthia Thurlow – Intermittent Fasting Transformation

Summit Speaker Interview Timestamp

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:47 Ari Whitten, PhD Candidate, CES, PES Talk 1
00:50:16 Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc Talk #1
01:37:38 Laura Frontiero talk 1
02:08:00 Dr. Tom O’Bryan
02:58:06 Dr. Daniel Pompa
03:35:18 Kashif Khan
04:26:10 Cynthia Thurlow


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6 thoughts on “Mitochondrial Matrix Summit FREE Access Day 1
  1. Hi. Thank you for a very interesting summit😊 Do you have a advice for us that are not living in the states? A book that can help us or anything else? Regarding gut health. Regards Marie😊

  2. Dr. Pompa is exactly correct! The first signs I had that something was off in my body was my thyroid! And I actually had the correct thyroid labs. Ft3,ft3, rt3. I had labs when I first knew something was off and my thyroid levels were optimal. I was the patient running my own labs, interpreting and taking the info to the doc. Weight gain despite eating healthy and exercising. Then my adrenals came next. Then unrealistic amounts of anxiety, sensitivities, and now MCAS. 12 years of searching, eating healthier than everyone I knew and I was going downhill. Long story short, mold was my cause. 2 years since we moved out of mold and I’m still recovering. I found an environmental doc this year and making progress. But I’ve learned so much through my journey and still learning. I want to know how to heal faster and where my body is stuck in the healing process. My doc is great and really into cellular healing. He has an on-sitehyperbaric oxygen chamber that he highly suggest I do but I’m having to save up for it. but in a weird twisted way, my chronic illness helped me discover my passion. I read books by many experts and watch summits like this bc I’m intrigued and also a personal interest. I’m now a certified Herbalist, I completed just bc I wanted to but after I heal, I want to help others so maybe they can skip the heartache and years dealing with illness. The body is absolutely fascinating but during healing, it can be also frustrating.

  3. Yes ! Yes! Yes! Thank you Dr Pompa!!! Mold!!! I chased my thyroid, adrenals, genes, nutrients decencies, hormones, gut, diet, exercising, anything you can think of with very little progress if any at all. I get out of mold, and while recovery is slow, it did MORE simply getting out of mold than every single modality I tried and chased. I’m not even joking here, my period stopped at age 22. Docs just shrugged like it was normal. I looked into PCOS, and never had ANY answers. 6 months out of mold in a clean environment, my menstrual cycle starts up again and has been consistent for 1.5 years now!!! Absolutely crazy!!! I can tell some stories of what mold did to me and how just getting out of mold trumped everything else. On one bright side, I am already aware of many things discussed and once I’ve devised the massive amounts of mycotoxins in my body (seriously, I have tricothecene, gliotoxin, aflatoxin, zearenelone, ochratoxins, All at high levels which wasn’t even including whatever is stored in my cells!!), I already know other things like heavy metals will be on list plus looking at some I never tested like Lyme, parasites, infections, etc. I’m very interested in his book though. Think it will be added to my reading list! Lol

  4. Ok I know my third comment but loving dr Pompas info!!! “God out in every one of us an incredible innate ability intelligence that knows how to heal every condition.” What’s amazing is God is the one who leads me to discover the mold in my house, then Readdr. Neil Nathan’s book Toxic, then almost fell over when he quoted Leviticus, then after much praying I found my wonderful doc who quoted the scripture to me. God is amazing! I know he lead me this far, and he’s still directing me.

  5. I think by western traditional medicine you mean current conventional medicine. However, I would like to point out that it is not traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is the use of natures bounty to heal. I do know what you meant though. I just hear people say this too often.

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