Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Christina Parks and Andrea Ebert discuss NRF2 + Vitamin D Protocol

I sat down with Dr, Christina Parks, a Cellular & Molecular Biologist, who learned about the miraculous NRF2 system in our body when she was researching detox protocol for the V injured. She thought to herself how incredible it could be if we could turn it on …. only to find 3 months later, by Divine Providence, that it can be switched on!!

We discuss the most effective, scientifically backed , all natural Nrf2 activator and both believe it is a Godsend for such a time as this. Both Dr. Christina and I feel a moral obligation to get this information spread far and wide until it’s a household name.
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This link is for NRF2

This one is for NRf2 – Combined with Daily Wellness – the exact daily ratio of zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Elderberry and GF Fermented Yeast Extract:

This last stack is for Tri-Synergizer , which activates 3 master healing pathways:
1) Nrf2 – Evokes health, recalibrates genes towards homeostasis, detoxes cells, increases glutathione 300%, , decreases oxidative stress (inflammation) by 40% in the first 30 days.
Nrf1 – Activates the Mitochondrial Pathway!! Builds mitochondria, cell energy, in every single cell.
NAD – this activates our body’s NAD and Sirtuine Production. Increases Sirtuins 100% in the first 24 hours….
Together these three are powerful for prevention and therapy.


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