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Mock Test 007 For Msc Botany entrance CUET and DUET 2022 | Top 75 MCQ| Most Important

As you all know we are conducting quizez and mock tests from last 2 year on telegram youTube and Also on some websites, Now we have completed 5 free full syllabus mock test, now we are thinking to launch 5 another mock test but this time you have to pay a minimum amount for taking this test ( Per test 25 Rs [ one time 100 rs for full 5 mock test] ),
Feature of this test
👉 after completion test you get a pdf copy on your mail
👉 Each and every doubt will be clear instantly

Payment method – Google pay phone pay or paytm

After payment send screenshot of paytm and your mail id on whatsApp Or telegram 9569363332

Time 8:00 am to 11am( Changeable)
Mock test date

This is the link of mcq videos, go through it, it will surely help you alot during your exam.
Cell Biology Theory Playlist -

Cell Biology Molecular Biology And Biotechnology MCQ Playlist 👇👇👇

BHU MSc Entrance Questions Paper Solutions and UP College MSc Entrance Solutions Playlist –

Audiobook Series –

Taxonomy (Angiospermic Plant Family ) Playlist –

Here is the Playlist of Tips and Tricks Which are help You during preparation –

Plant Physiology –

Enzymes Audiobook👉 Protein Audiobook👉

Amino acid Audiobook👉

Most important plant family part 1 👉 Most important plant family part 2

Trick to learn micro and macro nutrients 👉

Trick to learn antibiotics👉

Trick to learn plant hormone and thier function😀

Algae phycology Top 100 mcq

Fungi mycology Top 100 mcq

Bryophyta top 50mcq

Pteridophyta top 50 mcq

Microbiology top 60 mcq

Plant physiology 300 points 1

Plant physiology 300 points 2

Plant nutrition mcq

Photosynthesis top 50 mcq

Plant respiration top 100 mcq

Plant hormones top 80 mcq

Cell biology top 50+ mcq

Cell division top 50 + mcq

Biochemistry top 50+ mcq

Enzymes mcq

Molecular biology top 50 mcq

Biotechnology mcq Gel

electrophoresis mcq


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