Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Jamie Wheal: Ethical Cult Building & Ecstatic Sex Practices for Awakening Your Inner Mystic #429

I say this all the time – but today’s interview is one of my favorites of all time. Jamie Wheal is a talented conversationalist, killer writer, and the author of Recapture the Rapture, a supremely high-level how-to book, if you will, on how people might recapture the individual bliss and collaborative magic that we’ve strayed so far away from.

We assess society at this stage of de-evolution before delving into ways Jamie has uncovered that we may deepen our understanding, and thus, our experience. Then, we spend some time talking about sex – past the stigmas and social strcutures put in place to distract and confuse us – to hone in on what a deeply spiritual and connective practice it can be, if you let it.

We wrap with a thoughtful dissection of what makes a bad cult, and what makes a good one. Jamie delivers his insight without even a hint of pretentiousness; he’s honest, hopeful, and confident – giving his words an inviting warmth that I know you’ll enjoy.

00:07:34 — A Critical Juncture for Humans

Recapture the Rapture by Jamie Wheal 17k-foot hike to a hot spring full of snakes Connection between “Rapture” and “rapture” The Woodstock/Burning Man of 1803 American spiritual soup Why we can’t hear the centrists 00:34:23 — Ascension is Possible: Finding Meaning 3.0

William James and nitrous oxide (The Atlantic) Substances as a tool Your brain on nitrous oxide Intentionality is everything Ritualistic use in tribal Western New Guinea 00:59:01 — Sexual Practices to Deepen Your Experience

Illuminating the lack of research on sexuality Unique nature of human sexuality Sex magic and hermetic traditions Creating a more exalted experience Truly making love 01:31:34 — Building Ethical Cults

Luke’s first (and second) cult Building communities that support each other Red flags for spotting and avoiding a culty cult Metaphysics, ethics, and sacraments Exploring the work of Lisa Feldman Barett The Follow → Fuck → Fear → Fight cycle 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous Highlighting the influence of Alice Walker and Joanna Macy Celebrating the work of Ken Kesey, Robert Anton Wilson, and John C. Lilly Admiring Gary Snyder, George Leonard, and Paul Newman

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