Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Calorie Counting For Weight Loss is STUPID! | With Dr Benjamin Bikman

This video is for people who want to achieve weight loss without having to deprive themselves by counting calories. In this video, Dr Benjamin Bikman will teach you about metabolism, and why insulin resistance is at the root of your weight problems.

If you are tired of counting calories or macros, then you’ll be able to learn real weight loss for longterm results!

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A Basic Understanding of Ketosis

Ketosis is the state where blood ketones are elevated, but pH is normal. Every human has some amount of ketones, even if it’s below the detection level on commonly used devices. When you’re in ketosis, you will have a detectable level of ketones on a moderately used device and yet pH is not changing. Ketones have the potential to make the body more acidic. When someone’s in ketosis, the amount of hydrogens coming off the ketone is relatively modest. Within the blood, there are numerous buffering mechanisms. That way, your body will defend its pH range. Overall, ketones are fat-burning products; when insulin is low, the body will burn fat at a high rate.

Ketones Are Energetic Molecules; Plus, Ketones Are Signaling Molecules

Ketones are energetic molecules roughly similar to the calories you get from glucose. Plus, ketones are signaling molecules. If a ketone is being used as a fuel, it will come to a cell. Then the ketone will get shuttled into the cell through an MCT (monocarboxylate transporter). When the mitochondria have a lot of pressure to be burning molecules, they get the signal that they need more mitochondria. Fatty acids can have the same effect. When a cell is burning a lot of fatty acids for fuel, it will start stimulating mitochondrial biogenesis.

Why The Laws of Thermodynamics Are Misleading Regarding Weight Loss

People are producing ketones and breathing out ketones, and urinating them out. Remember, ketones have a caloric value. Calories matter, but don’t worry about them. Let the calories take care of themselves. Invoking the laws of thermodynamics in nutrition and human metabolism was one of the greatest tragedies in the history of human-relevant science. It absolutely misled us and made us demonize fat and embrace carbohydrates. Hormones matter at least as much as calories because hormones tell the body’s cells what to do with the available calories.

Metabolic syndrome used to be called insulin resistance syndrome. Insulin resistance is the single most common problem in the US and abroad. Plus, insulin resistance is relevant to virtually every chronic disease. Covid has only made metabolic problems worse. Luckily, keto and intermittent fasting can help lower insulin. Remember, there is no insulin resistance without elevated insulin. Lowering insulin is a perfect way to help the body become more sensitive to it. If no nutrients are coming into the blood, insulin starts running out of nutrients in the blood that it can store away. So, insulin comes down when nutrients aren’t coming into the blood. Fasting is the best way to lower your insulin and reverse metabolic syndrome.

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[00:00] Who can you trust when it comes to experts in the health space?
[03:30] A basic understanding of ketosis
[11:40] Ketones are energetic molecules; plus, ketones are signaling molecules
[24:00] Why the laws of thermodynamics are misleading regarding weight loss
[39:00] The problems with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance
[56:00] Question and Answers

HLTH Code Shakes: (use code “ketokamp”)
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