Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Ribosomes | Polysomes | Svedberg Unit |Cytoplasmic Organelles | Protein Synthesis | MDCAT | NEET

In this lecture you will learn about the Ribosomes. Ribosomes are the Cytoplasmic Organelles present in all kinds of living organisms including plants, animals, protists, fungi and even in the prokaryotes (bacteria). Ribosomes are involved in the protein synthesis of the cell. Here the following components are discussed:
1. Ribosomes
2. Polysomes
3. Polyribosomes
4. Palade granules
5. The cell structure
6. Cytoplasmic Organelles
7. Prokaryotic Ribosomes
8. Eukaryotic Ribosomes
9. Svedberg Unit
10. MDCAT preparation
11. NEET preparation
12. AIIMs preparation
13. FSc Biology
14. Protein synthesis

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Channel Name: Dr. Arsalan Khan (Research Officer)


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