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DNA Is Not Present In??? | Q. No-39 | NEET Biology Series | Toppers Biology

What organelle is DNA not found in?
Is DNA present in chloroplast or not?
Is DNA absent in nucleus?
Is DNA present in mitochondria?

Is DNA present in lysosomes?
Is there DNA in ribosomes?

Why is there DNA in mitochondria?
mitochondria are the site of the cell’s energy production and other metabolic functions.

Do mitochondria and chloroplast have DNA?
They both contain DNA, organized into nucleoids.

Does cytoplasm have DNA?
DNA are located in two types of organelles found in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Is DNA present in every cell?
All living cell has DNA.

Is there DNA in white blood cells?
DNA is present in WBC of human blood.

Does Golgi apparatus contain DNA?
Yes Golgi apparatus (Golgi Body) contains DNA.

Which is absent in mitochondrial DNA?
cytosine methylation is absent in mtDNA.

Do vacuoles contain DNA?


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