Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Deuterium PPM, Reverse Krebs Cycle and Effects on Mitochondrial Function

It’s a working hypothesis.


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25 thoughts on “Deuterium PPM, Reverse Krebs Cycle and Effects on Mitochondrial Function
  1. If possible, avoid the fear tactics and don't do chemotherapies or radiation therapies. Get on hi fat 100% carnivore, assure your ketones are high and you will be fine.

  2. Could we dig deeper and could you sometime look into the issue of vetting the sourcing sites, mining contamination and of pollution of the waters you've listed? Uranium in mineral waters and arsenic in groundwater is sometimes an issue. Upping my uranium intake for a little less deuterium in absolute terms might very well not be worth it. I've seen articles claiming that one of those waters has been currently off shelves and unavailable for months in my region for exactly this reason. I'd rather bust some nano-motors than glow in the dark… or does activated charcoal take care of that?

  3. Invaluable information. Still healing from multiple decades of SAD, always hated plants! Raised on seed oils, which f**ked me by 52.

    8 years later, dramatic changes carnivore. First 3 years diarrhoea daily.

    Harry knows his stuff,
    hang in there guys🙏🏻

  4. I am so very glad to have discovered you through Bart .You discuss subjects no one else in the carnivore community does.Thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge with us.

  5. I'm a newbie so forgive me if this is covered elsewhere, but what dosages of taurine and melatonin are recommended for various individuals? I'm 66 and in excellent health, so is supplementation even advised? Does body weight figure in?
    Thank you for this fascinating video. 🍂

  6. Mate, what are you talking about at minute 15 about hoping they open an outlet in Asia? They do have Preventa 25 right next to Melbourne. Nourishme Organics. It's 360€ for 12x25ppm and they deliver free of charge for orders over 200. That's 66€ more than what you're displaying at 15:26 which would be +5,5€ but still 30€ per bottle with 25ppm.

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