Friday, March 31, 2023
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Potential market size for Parkinson's disease drugs | Edward Golod | Andy Lee

A medicinal breakthrough cure for Parkinson’s Disease is still not available. But the market for other available symptomatic medications are continually soaring. Why?…

Decades since its discovery, Parkinson’s disease (PD) has remained incurable.

PD is a long-lasting neurodegenerative disorder characterized by impairment in motor functions alongside problems such as cognitive impairment.

The rising prevalence of the disease has increased its overall healthcare cost in many countries.

Medical professionals have to resort to using relief drugs to reduce the symptoms of the disease without altering neurodegenerative effects.

The US spends about $25 billion a year just on symptomatic therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease,

And about $50 billion a year for the total cost of care.

Surprisingly, the Parkinson’s disease (PD) market does expect to triple sales within the next few years.

It is driven mainly by the launch of new pipeline products, which does set to address critical unmet needs.

However, mitochondrial therapy to reverse the progression of PD is a drug market that is expected to have a positive impact in the coming years.

Currently, the treatment of PD is typically focused on symptomatic relief,

but with the availability of breakthrough medications, preventive and restorative care can be provided.

Our novel medication aims to not only slow Parkinson’s disease progression but also solve other age-related health issues and offer a better quality of life.

This has the potential to revolutionize the market.

It will improve physicians’ options to control the disease through managing the complications from mitochondria dysfunction.

This will significantly target other substantial unmet needs in this field.

The understanding of the origin of PD has made considerable progress during the past few decades.

Consequently, several novel strategies are now being investigated to deliver neuroprotective medications to stop the disease.

We have looked at the mitochondrial quality control mechanisms and consider it a core aspect of aging.

Therefore we see our medication as a single drug with an application for many age-related diseases.

If our medication works the way we expect, it could be one of the most valuable drugs of all time.

We have discovered that we can target the human genetics of Parkinson’s which overlaps with hallmarks of aging.

Parkinson’s Disease research efforts are encouraged with continued funding from expert agencies such as NIH or the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

This will allow for a new set of therapies that shift the drug market from only those that mask the symptoms of the disease to those that stop the underlying cause.

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