Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How to Help Clients Optimize Fat Loss by focusing on "Satiety per Calorie"


What’s the best way to help clients lose fat and how can you educate them effectively?

Dr. Ted Naiman returns to the podcast to talk about evidence-based dietary recommendations, balancing diet and physical activity, dealing with client reactions, meal timing, how to teach clients vital nutritional concepts, and more.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro
02:58 – Evidence-based dietary recommendations
16:04 – How to deal with client reactions
19:12 – Balancing diet and physical activity
27:03 – Circadian rhythm and meal timing
31:06 – Why strength training is vital for fat loss
36:21 – Energy expenditure: resistance training vs. cardio
40:54 – Edge cases for food sensitivity
44:23 – Teaching focus #1: protein awareness
49:53 – Teaching focus #2: energy density
56:45 – Teaching focus #3: fiber
1:03:28 – Teaching focus #4: caution on high carb, high fat, high energy density foods
1:07:49 – Teaching focus #5: increasing hydration
1:14:41 – Summary and final points
1:18:32 – Ted’s diet, fasting, and exercise


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9 thoughts on “How to Help Clients Optimize Fat Loss by focusing on "Satiety per Calorie"
  1. Educating clients about nutrition makes the assumption that knowing leads to doing. Imagine a nutritionist seeking to provide strength training education without a trainer's ongoing engagement. The point I am making is that, just as ongoing exercise coaching leads to superior results, so does ongoing dietary coaching. This is my opinion based upon our thousands of our "weight loss members" who are monitored and coached via 1on1 weekly 15 min sessions, for a minimum of 52 weeks, either in person or via Zoom. I recognise that "information wants to be free". However, congratulations in being able to get one of the clearest dietary and strength thinkers in the world on your podcast. He offers a rare combination. His book is ground breaking. This is a fantastic episode. Thanks so much Lawrence. Looking forward to the next episode.

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