Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

From Long Covid To 5 Rhythms with Oliver Barnett

Episode Sponsor: Vitality Pro has followed the latest in longevity science to produce a range of premium-quality nutritional supplements focused on improving cellular health, sleep and energy levels.

Products range from berberine and curcumin through to NMN, TMG and sulforaphane.

Their products are made using the purest raw ingredients, and tested by trusted third-party labs, to provide you with trust and confidence in their supplements. The certificates are available to view on their website.

In todays conversation I speak with Oliver Barnett about a wide range of topics. We discuss:

– What he is seeing in clinic (The London Clinic Of Nutrition) around long covid and vaccine damage.
– The role of trauma in our physical health.
– Somatic therapy.
– And lots of books to add to your reading list!

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