Saturday, January 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Translational Project, Mitotargin – Mitochondrial Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications

Prof Kostas Tokatlidis (Cathcart Chair of Biochemistry, University of Glasgow) and Dr Keith Wreggett (Biotech Consultant, InnoSpective) discuss the Mitotargin Project; an innovative translational project to develop therapeutic and diagnostic applications through research into the mitochondria.

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Prof Tokatlidis
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Mitotargin Translational Project funded through the Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership Award, grant ref. 219390/Z/19/Z, BBSRC Impact Accelerator Account ref. BB/S506734/1, MRC Proximity to Discovery award ref. MC_PC_17190 and MRC Confidence in Concept Award, grant ref. MC_PC_18048 and MC_PC_19039.


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