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LuminousRed Model 1 Pro Review: Great Concept, Okay Power, Amazing Support, Messy Setup & Much More

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So let’s hop into my LuminousRed Model 1 panel review:

✅ LuminousRed was founded by Thomas and Barbara, who are both based in Austria – both are intelligent individuals either following a PhD trajectory or finishing it
✅ LuminousRed has two products, the model 1 and model 2. You can combine these products to make bigger setups though. The model 1 has 120 LEDs and the model 2 has 240 LEDs. What’s unique about the red light therapy panel is that there is a black box on top of the panel called the “brain” – the control panel. If you get more panels you don’t need another “brain” but just the bottom part with the LEDs
✅ The model 1 is a tabletop panel – it’s pretty large for a tabletop panel. The panel is great as a tabletop unit in terms of size. The built-in stand is great too
✅ The panel’s price is $569 USD with code ALEX used – use this link if you want a panel: – and even though the company is EU-based, shipping costs $70 which is quite a fair price
✅ The LuminousRed website is also great as it makes thousands of studies very easy to interpret for the average person through their blog and other databases. You can even book a free call with the founders right now if you have questions
✅ Warranty is 2 years but you can upgrade it to 4 years for $60 USD and a 30-day trial period
✅ With the panel you also get 1 year’s worth of guidance, where you can reach out to them for questions – this offer is really unique
✅ The LEDs use 660 nanometers (nm) and 850 nm light with dual-chip LEDs. The wavelengths align decently well, at 665nm and 853 nm. The dual chip option isn’t used as it should as you cannot emit red and near-infrared from all LEDs
✅ Peak power is 56 mW/cm2 which is a little bit low. The average power output over 9 points was 43 mW/cm2. The total power output was 22 Watts, which is a little bit lower
✅ The price per LED was $4.74 and the price per Watt is $25.80 USD
✅ The sound is 42 dB, which is really great
✅ Ease of use, and operations, are somewhat okay, although with many small issues like a big flick once you turn the panel on and weird controls with the power switches and buttons
✅ Compared to the LuminousRed Model 2, the LuminousRed Model 1 has fewer LEDs and offers less value but the former cannot be used as a tabletop unit
✅ Other competing panels could be the Mito Red MitoPRO 300, which uses multiwave technology and is half the size. Then there’s the PlatinumLED BioMax 300, with 100 LEDs and costs around the same price – the BioMax 300 has multiwave as well. I do love the LuminousRed size though

00:00 Introduction
01:16 LuminousRed Background
03:17 LuminousRed Website
04:35 Price & Shipping
05:37 Look & Design
08:02 Warranty & Trial Period
09:32 Unique Value Proposition
11:06 Box Inclusions
12:11 Dual-Chip LEDs
13:31 PerformanceLab Sponsored Content
14:31 Wavelength & Power Testing
15:39 Value Calculations & Sound
17:34 Ease Of Use
19:40 Dual Chip Problem
21:53 Box Accessories
23:04 Other LuminousRed Products
24:01 Comparison To Competition
26:25 Model 1 & 2 Differences?
27:35 Finishing Thoughts


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