Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Avoid Tinnitus Forums At All Costs

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21 thoughts on “Avoid Tinnitus Forums At All Costs
  1. I actually got better from Tinnitus forums. It was a combination of your technique and forums. BUT I searched the key word β€œtinnitus gone” and just read ALL the positive stuff. It’s really uplifting and helped.

  2. I had to stop reading forums when I first got it. I gained deep empathy and compassion for those who have it loud though. I got it before the vax and after suspected covid FWIW.

  3. The first thing that I needed when my tinnitus broke out was something to calm me down because I was stressing out so hard over not knowing what was going on. Thank god I systematically avoided all these forums and negative comments and only searched for people who actually found a way to get better. And when I found Liam, I binged all of his videos and when I was done I would do it again over and over and the more I listened to him and other people who got rid of it, the more I believed that I can actually get rid of it as well.
    This constant positive reassurement and avoidance of negative messages had a big impact on my emotional state and it calmed me down like nothing else. I can recommend this to everyone who is still unsure and anxious.

  4. Hey Liam thanks for all your advice I've been following you for over a year now I've had severe tinnitus for about 2 years……. And following your advice is definitely calmed my tinnitus.,….. I have found that staying away from cannabis alcohol and sweets and salty stuff definitely make a difference for the better I had a brain tumor taken out in 2014 my tinnitus didn't start until 2020 the doctors recommended I take gabapentin oxycodone and naprosyn..,. I have not taken these meds in 9 months now……. I found out online you're not supposed to mix naprosyn and gabapentin the doctors never told me this the pharmacist never told me this stuff I found out on the web that gabapentin and naprosyn creates a poison anyhow luckily I have put into play your advice with my eating habits and things have definitely gotten better thank you for your advice

  5. The journey with tinnitus is not a good experience for anyone, I suffered tinnitus post covid and it was hell and I thought of suicidal but I was glad i Was able to get rid of using the remedies I ordered from #drituatinnitusdoc on YouTube, thanks to this wonderful doctor

  6. Liam, apologies if you've covered this question already, but is there any benefit to using CBD, along with all the other healthy activities that you discuss? I tried marijuana and it made my tinnitus worse. I've read some people got relief from CBD. Thank you. I'm just starting on your material now. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Avoid them, otherwise youll never know what a scammer this guy is. Even the way he writes his e mails You can see its a scam, where he is trying all the psychological manipulations. Just read any of his e mails. What he gives has been written in many holistic books , he basicaly does a copy and paste. This will not work for chronic tinnitus. What we should do is to keep pressure on our local politicians and MPs, to recognize Tinnitus is a large problem and scientists need funding to do research .

  8. First thing I did when I got tinnitus was search the internet and went to these forums, man did that help spiral me into a dark mindset. People truly believe there is no recovery and that is sad, I hope they can find hope and strength to recover

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