Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Paul Marik Discusses The Poison Inc.

Dr. Paul Marik Discusses The Poison Inc.

This will be an interesting and important talk about the foods we eat and the drugs we take. Let’s tune in.

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49 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Marik Discusses The Poison Inc.
  1. My hubby isn’t happy unless he’s had three meals a day, is always looking for something ‘sweet’ after a meal. He isn’t happy if I say I don’t want a meal because I’m not hungry, he says ‘you have to eat’! It stems from his childhood where they always had thre meals a day, always pudding after lunch!

  2. Isn’t intermittent fasting the same thing as eating less? Yes, we actually do need to eat less and also move more! People will never lose weight unless in a calorie deficit (reference – the laws of physics)

  3. I am so happy to see Dr Paul Marik so positive and in good health after watching him him and others discuss the shameful treatment they had received in trying to treat Covid by alternative methods – the discussion hosted by Senator Johnson from the USA. I myself have experimented with fasting these past couple of months – taking part in several 2, 3, 4 and even a 5-day fast. I am very pleased with the results.

  4. I used to have a fatty liver and insulin resistance. I went on a 100% all fruit regimen for 4 months. Afterwards the insulin resistance had been reversed. I also had an ultrasound of the liver which showed that there was significantly less fat left in the liver. I don't quite understand how this was possible if fructose is as bad as you say it is?

  5. I’m glad Dr Marik is doing wonderful. I do worry about his cholesterol in a long run. The science showed that it’s the INTRAMYOCELLULAR LIPIDS causing insulin resistance, not sugar. I’m so glad that my daughter’s medical school is teaching them the right thing. The reason the keto diet with IF made the drastic change is basically due to calorie restriction. You can stay the way long term to avoid or “reverse” type 2 diabetes, but gosh, how can you miss the rainbow of fruits that God created and the hunter gathers ate most. It seems WFPB vegan is the minority here, but I’m stick to it for the rest of my life.

  6. Most processed food are designed to make people sick so that when they get sick they will depend on medicine after medicine that bring perpetual profits to the big pharma. The people who are in charge in the FDA also work for the big pharma.

  7. Dr. Been, Thank you for giving Dr. Marik a space to speak and be seen. This amazing man has suffered a brutal and undeserved attack on his reputation and livelihood just for the crime of telling the truth and trying to help people. I appreciate what you are doing in keeping some of the unfairly deplatformed heroes in public view on your channel. Bravo sir!

  8. Information the establishment doesn't want you to know and makes difficult for the average person to find .
    I've used various diets throughout the years , not necessarily for weight loss, but for all around health. I found a totally raw diet produced the most amazing results. Consisting of Vegetables, fruits ,nuts and seeds . Every couple of weeks I would splurge with a pizza or simply fresh deli bread , cheese (various flavors) olive oil and loads of choppped garlic. I felt as healthy as when I was 18 yrs.old . I found it necessary to juice along with this diet because I couldn't eat enough…my regular salad bowl was a huge two gallon bowl . Admittedly, it was expensive using all organic produce and it was time consuming once I learnd various raw recipes . I bought a mastigating juicer so carrots and othe hard vegetables were wrung dry and very little went to waste or went to compost. As with all else in life, the more effort you apply the better results you achieve.

  9. Dr Marik says that CGMs are not expensive. Here in the UK they are very expensive – one needs to change the sensor about every two weeks. Also, I cannot agree with him about bananas. I have type 1, and scarcely need any bolus insulin for a banana. I stronly recommend "Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution", a brilliant book by Dr Richard Bernstein. Dr Bernstein was a voice of sanity in a medical wilderness for many years: he says that diabetics are entitled to normal blood sugars.

  10. Wow. He said that the human body is designed to eat meat. That’s false. Out digestive systems resemble those animals that mainly eat plants. And when a banana is on your list of things never to eat, then you have truly gone astray. Eat real food, mostly plants. That’s the best diet.

  11. I agree that processed food is toxic. However … Why do some of the healthiest countries eat rice? bananas? It depends on what local foods naturally grow, how much sun you (and the foods) get, and food combination and time of day that you eat, among other things. Dr. Merik is so right, eat real food. . Peace and blessings.

  12. Great to see you guys again , guys whole food plant based is the only way out of this heaoth disaster ,,,,,,, check out dr michael klaper ,, rr brook goldner ,,,,,dr john mcdoughall + hundereds of others

  13. Guys be carefull with low carb nonscence ,,coming from the meat & dairy industry ,,,its music to their ears and results in heart disease and constipation ,,ask the blue zone folks ,,i cant believe im hearing this from dr marik .. with whole food plant based my family stuff themselves " no carb counting " ,,are slim and no health problems ,,,look what happened to dr atkins who died of heart disease … no megabuks in wfpbd

  14. Plant based docs fix
    diebetes type 2 in few weeks type 1 they dramatically reduce meds ,,,,guys you are dooped im horrefied that you fall for this keto nonscence go to lomalinda california ask them

  15. Guys you guys were my favourite utubers i cant believe what im hearing ,,,,we were gatherers hunters "" how can a ;"balanced diet have no carbs """????? i implore you to check out docs in my earlier comments

  16. You look better than you did 18 months ago when Dr. Pierre Kory did his waterfast. The metformin may be best replaced by bitter gourd pills and cinnamon. To fix your old inflammation body, try a high omega-3 diet for some time. Those nuts you speak of will take a bunch of high DHA fish oil pills to balance out. To really influence a bunch of people, it takes an example. The masses don't appreciate your 95 mg/dl blood glucose. btw, it should be at 79 or so. You've go this. 🙂

  17. Thank you for this. Good session.
    It would be helpful if a good techie visited Dr Marik and helped him set up a good microphone arrangement as we need to hear more from him, and this session was a bit hard to listen to. Worth it though.

  18. Tammy Gravis

    2 weeks ago

    I thought I had a stroke or a brain tumor. I was the picture of health and one day I got up and felt like a truck hit me and was so weak I couldn't set up straight after the shot.

    1. My mind has been affected. I'd say 50% or more of my brain power is gone. There is damage to my brain.

    2. Debilitating headaches every single day and all day.

    3. Stomach pain and constant belching throughout the day. Stomach feels and looks bloated and it's painful. There is roaring and rumbling in my stomach that is loud all day. I now have to take medication that doesn't help a lot.

    4. Constant pain in my neck and it pops like it will break off.

    5. Pain down the back of my neck and in the top portion of my upper back. It hurts so bad at times that a hot shower is excruciatingly painful.

    6. Muscle aches and joint aches throughout the day.

    7. Weakness and extreme fatigue. I have to sleep 10 hours to function two hours. If I don't sleep well I can barely move some days and the pain is off the charts.

    8. I've been diagnosed with tachycardia and I take medication for it that causes more problems.

    9. My taste has been drastically reduced. I can only taste about 10-25% of the food I eat.

    10. Vision is worse.

    11. Hearing is more difficult b/c it's made the tinnitus worse and my head is popp9ing and crackling all the time. I had arthritis before and it's worsened it 10 times.

    12. Communnication if hard for me. I rarely talk like I did before.

    13. Significant hair los

  19. While canola oil is relatively high in omega-3 fatty acids, potential health benefits are outweighed by all the processing it goes through. If you are trying to choose the healthier oil, then olive oil is a safer bet. Olive oil can be substituted for canola oil in many different cooking and baking recipes.
    And Cashews are a big no no, very high in carbs as are pistachios (a member of the cashew family).

  20. Dr. Marik recommends intermittent fasting. My question is, if the synthetic gene string injected into our bodies from the covid shots keep putting out the message to hurt the body, is fasting likrunning on a hamster wheel?

  21. 2:184 of Holy Quran
    Dr. Mustafa Khattab translation
    ˹Fast a˺ prescribed number of days. But whoever of you is ill or on a journey, then ˹let them fast˺ an equal number of days ˹after Ramaḍân˺. For those who can only fast with extreme difficulty, compensation can be made by feeding a needy person ˹for every day not fasted˺. But whoever volunteers to give more, it is better for them. And to fast is better for you, if only you knew.

  22. "the human body is actually, is designed to take a] [ to be carnivorous" – when a seemingly intelligent person says something like this, you have to wonder where did it all go wrong?

    Carnivores are of the Order Carnivora, such as tigers, lions, cheetahs, dogs. bears, weasels and so on. Homo sapines is nothing like that. Homo sapiens is a herbivore that likes eating animal product when ever he can.

    When someone presents a sample of n=1 like that, they at least should bring their full blood work, and over at least a 1 to 2 year period. Doing such a presentation is highly misleading for the uninitiated and I question why it is flying under the FLCCC banner.
    Wholly unscientific presentation. Although I am not surprised. So many good people have completely lost the plot through this pandemic.

    Good clowns gone bad.

  23. Love the discussion, I follow a "banting"/Keto-type lifestyle (or as best life allows) and it's pretty amazing how much better you feel overall. (Also Dr Marik sounds like a South African…?? Is he?)

  24. I would just like to add that Dr Lustig states "The Atkins diet and the Japanese diet both work, although one is fat and the other is carbs. Glucose can be metabolised very easily by the body with no detrimental effects, the Japanese live long lives".
    The carbohydrate he pays particular attention to is fructose which can only be metabolised in the liver and leads to metabolic syndrome of which there is no medical cure, but can be cured by your diet. So a question was put to Dr Lustig "If fructose is so bad what about eating fruit?" his reply was "God gave us the poison but with it came the antidote, fibre. Fruit is high in soluble and insoluble fibre which lines the wall of the intestines preventing the fructose from being absorbed into the body where it then passes into the large intestines to feed your microbiome. Fibre is good eat lots of fibre." (Paraphrased). The problem occurs when we consume processed foods (low fat, high carb in the form of HFCS and no fibre), energy drinks (added HFCS) and juice drinks where all of the fibre has been removed. The take home was to eat 'Real Food' which is basically food that has not been processed in any way, shape or form. A study was done in Japan where they analysed the nutritional value of a pizza and the cardboard box it came in, astonishingly the box was more nutritious. As hunter gatherers we ate fruit when it became readily available which was in the fall/autumn. The body would then move into fat storing mode as it knew winter was on its way. Remember you are what you eat.

  25. Dr Marik is a true hero. He came to New Hampshire to talk to the " beaurocrats" at the State Capitol. He was informing them of the benefits of Ivermectin. Local pharmacy boards instructed them NOT to fill prescriptions given by real Doctors. Thank you Dr Marik and Dr Been.

  26. Some of what Paul is saying is true, but some of it isn't. Ideally he would be citing studies. Just looking at the Blue Zones you see that the longest lived people don't eat how he's recommending. They eat plenty of naturally occurring foods that are high in starch.

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