Saturday, January 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Conditioning For Kickboxing & Importance Of Low-Intensity Training w/ Jon Mackey (SSOF Ep. 25)

Jon Mackey currently coaches the Ireland National Kickboxing team and has a wealth of experience in multiple sports, including being the Performance Director of Ireland Canoe.

He’s gone down the rabbit hole of endurance training from his Master’s studies and we dive into it all!

0:00 – Jon’s background
4:10 – Jon’s philosophy of conditioning for kickboxing
15:27 – Is technical training enough to cover low-intensity conditioning?
18:54 – How the 80/20 conditioning ratio changes
20:40 – How much extra high-intensity conditioning can you do leading to a fight?
22:48 – Does specificity matter for conditioning?
25:08 – Can you do small blocks of aerobic conditioning?
32:42 – Can you do too much low-intensity training?
36:30 – How does a week schedule look blending technical & S&C?
38:16 – Case study week schedule of a World Champion
39:38 – Where does strength training fit?
41:00 – How do the days look before and after a sparring day?
43:08 – Constraints led approach to sparring
53:00 – Mitochondrial development
1:01:45 – Lactate pills the new endurance hack?

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