Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Supporting Your Mitochondria with Dr. Vivian Chen | Ep. 76 Just Ingredients Podcast, Karalynne Call

Dr. Vivian Chen is a UK double board-certified MD in internal medicine and family practice with 15 years of clinical experience. She now lives in California with her family and has ditched her prescription pad to instead help clients by identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues. As a conventionally trained doctor, she was taught to prescribe a pill for every ill. That’s how she practiced until her daughter was hospitalized and tube-fed at just 8 weeks old. This propelled her to find answers and that’s how the world of nutrition, environmental, and lifestyle medicine opened up. She now coaches clients back to health using an integrative medicine approach and is passionate about sharing these important missing links in healthcare on social media and blog.

In today’s episode, Dr. Chen and I discuss all things mitochondrial health. She shares the importance of mitochondrial health and goes into detail on what is damaging mitochondrial function, causing fatigue, hormones, weight loss, and more. We talk about how to support and heal our mitochondria through things such as red light therapy, diet, lifestyle changes, and more.

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