Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria Are the Powerhouse of… Alzheimer’s?

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Some researchers think mitochondria could be hiding the key to Alzheimer’s disease. And we may have a new strategy to fight the threat that the global banana industry has been facing for decades.

Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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32 thoughts on “Mitochondria Are the Powerhouse of… Alzheimer’s?
  1. The variant of APOE – APOE4 – linked with nearly 2/3 of LOAD cases is a missense mutation that actually causes co-inherited impairments to the mitochondria via TOMM40. This is a further body of evidence suggesting that better research into multi-genetic inheritance can uncover the complex etiology of the heterogenous disease of Alzheimers.

  2. You might do an episode on the ways risk is reported in biomedicine. I.E. Absolute risk (reduction/increase) vs relative risk (reduction/increase). Stating a gene increases risk by 20-50% is a meaningless statement at best and needlessly deceptive at worst without that concept applied to it.

  3. As a Brazilian, I still can't get over the fact that most of the world only knows one type of banana. And I hate that specific banana, despite loving others. There's two main types of banana that are common in supermarkets in Brazil. One more that is usually eaten cooked and just a bit harder to find, and two more that are unusual and I've personally tried before. There's probably more in other regions and we're not even close to the diversity found in Southeast Asia where bananas actually come from.

  4. Geez ffs.. Alzheimer's is litterally diabetes type 3. Sure there might be a few cases out there that have other causes but the majority of Alzheimer's patients have simply eaten way to many carbohydrates in their life. Cut the carbs and just go regular senile when you get old. 😉

  5. I recently learned that I’m missing 2 proteins in my DNA. My oncologist discovered it after doing some genetic tests on the glioma removed from my head in 2021. We were told that it’s unheard of to be missing 2 proteins.. doesn’t even have a name yet!
    I really hope that CRISPER can be used in the future to somehow put the proteins back into my DNA, but I know that it’s a long shot 😕

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