Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Deplete DEADLY Deuterium in These FIVE WAYS | Dr. Laszlo Boros

Dr. Boros is an internationally recognized expert of metabolic water biochemistry as well as deuterium-mediated kinetic isotopic effects on health and disease. He is a retired (2021) Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine, the Co-Director of the Stable Isotope Research Laboratory at the Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovations, and Investigator at the Clinical and Translational Research Institute at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center with a primary focus on studying cancer cell metabolism.

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23 thoughts on “Deplete DEADLY Deuterium in These FIVE WAYS | Dr. Laszlo Boros
  1. I'm so glad you touched on evolution and a 'grand design'. Good ! It's really important. Just some clues. We are indoctrinated by Movies, NASA, who collects 20+ billions a year to perpetuate the lies about our cosmology and existence, Big Bang! Keep going on this matter. We live in a Closed System and that is an evidence of a intelligent creator.

  2. So its all about that neutron with the proton.

    Interestingly, free neutrons degrade into protons revealing a conjugate nature of Protons and Neutrons.

    Proton is voltage where neutron is amperage.

    Voltage will not kill you but amperage will.

    Amperage is what gives volume and magnitude to things.

    Amperage is Magnetism which is force and motion. so yes I can see why deuterium would interfere in protein movement, it would be like a north on north magnet or a south on south, friction force. Needed when growing but not when maintaining in old age.

    Interesting. Very very interesting.

  3. Eating a carnivore diet and not eating processed carbs lowers deuterium naturally. Cool. Where I have a problem with this whole idea is when quack "doctors" start selling ridiculously priced "deuterium depleted water" as a snake oil "cure" for everything from hangnails to cancer especially when they are fleecing vulnerable, desperate people of their life savings on this nonsense. Joey, this is a rabbit hole that is not worth going down.
    Zero serious science to back up empty assertions made by people who make a profit off selling you products they convince you you need sets off my B.S.-o-Meter. There is zero science to show that it is the deuterium that is causing the problems as opposed to just the excess processed carbs. You tried repeatedly to pin him down on this but he repeatedly side shuffled. If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your B.S.

  4. I want Facts Logic or Wisdom (FL0W) above all else, so for those who have the time and only want the FL0W. The 6 ways to get accumulated deuterium out of the body is

    1.Sweating is the best and most natural way to get rid of excess deuterium.

    2.Fasting gets rid of excess deuterium.

    3.Far infraRed Light which you get in sunlight helps to get rid of Deuterium. You can sweat in sunlight as well and produce Vitamin D and who knows what else from sunlight. Bonus its relaxing sitting in the sun sweating for an hour.

    4.Eating animal fat provides Deuterium reduced water into the body.

    5.Reducing plant products in the diet reduces deuterium in the body

    6.Deuterium free or Low Deuterium water is EXTREMELY expensive and I am very poor so this is not an option for me and most people out there.

    Here is the real interesting fact. Water becomes more dense at 39.7 degrees and Deuterium water freezes at 39 degrees. So I can easily and slowly freeze natural spring water and acquire the deuterium reduced water in the center bubble and give the frozen water to my plants, this I can do and this is fun. I love that bubble that forms in the middle of slowly freezing water. So cool.

  5. Profound. The plants need deuterium to feed the bacteria in the animal so it poops more. Hmmm. Yes. I think that makes a lot of sense. Ouch. No wonder. Dang. Yes. They are so addictive and they taste so good too. Damn. The plant is like a dope dealer. Sugar is like cocaine. It hits the same receptor sights in the brain as cocaine. LOL Plants are basically drug dealers only they give their drug away for free and you pay the consequence, disease and lots of pooping. LOL

  6. OK, he just went into questioning evolution and endorsing "intelligent design" and quoting scriptures to support his "field". This guy is seriously a quack, Joey. Run, don't walk, in the opposite direction. Complete and utter horsepuckey. When he says that evolution does not explain biology, he shows clearly that he understands neither. Or perhaps people who can believe in talking snakes are easier to persuade to buy his snake oil.

  7. A perfectionist like Ronaldo who is attentive to every single detail almost is on an omnivorous diet, so are great athletes like Khabib, Zlatan, LeBron James etc. A big majority of world class athletes are basically on omnivorous diets, they also often eat a lot of fruit too. The carnivore diet has it's benefits, but the fact that a perfectionist like Ronaldo is not on a carnivore diet, makes me doubt you're claims that greens and fruits are useless and even lower testosterone, particularly greens, as what you have been saying. I have seen you play soccer, so i guess you know well of his athletic abilities and fitness, as well as Zlatan's for example. So basically what you are saying is that on a carnivore diet, Ronaldo would be even more complete and efficient or even healthier and the professionals around who control these diets for these athletes are misinformed and just want to believe that it's healthy what they offer to these athletes…given the diets of these world class athletes and seeing how they perform, i find it hard to believe that they would thrive more on a carnivore diet. Just my opinion, would be interesting to see what you think about this.

  8. I am rooting for you Joey….but this interview was almost impossible for me to hear so I couldn't understand much of it at all. I am so sorry. Im just telling you this so you can contiinue to improve your channel. Stay safe and healthy

  9. My previous comment didn't show. Just wanted to say it seems carnivore or mostly carnivore benefits females more than males. Coz many more females appear to have beautified &/or got younger looking from diet compared to males. Imo.🍗🥩🥓🧀🍳👙

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