Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Implementation of Fully Automated BOND RX Protocol for NanoString's GeoMX Assay

Presented By: Carlee Hemphill, PhD

Speaker Biography: Carlee Hemphill, PhD, is a Lead Scientist I at the Covance CDx laboratory in RTP, NC with a background in histology, anatomical pathology and bioinformatics.

Webinar: Implementation of Fully Automated BOND RX Protocol for NanoString’s GeoMX Assay

Webinar Abstract: Nanostring’s GeoMX DSP allows for the characterization of spatial distribution and abundance of proteins and mRNAs with morphological context. This extends the ability for enhanced translational research in many areas, including immunology, oncology and neuropathology with downstream analysis of analyte abundance by either nCounter or Next Generation Sequencing…

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