Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The mitochondrial enzyme NAPH:NAD transhydrogenase of the common rat tapeworm (Hymenolepiasis dimin…

The mitochondrial enzyme NAPH:NAD transhydrogenase of the common rat tapeworm (Hymenolepiasis diminuta) catalyzes hydrogen in transfer from NADYH to NAD, producing NADH. This enzyme is known to serve a vital role in the tapeworm's anaerobic metabolism, and it has recently been hypothesized that it may serve as a proton exchange pump, transferring protons across the mitochondrial membrane. A study on Effect of Various Substrate Concentrations on the Conformational Variation of the, NADPH:NAD Transhydrogenase of Hymenolepiasis diminuta conducteat Bowling Green State: University was designed to assess the ability of this enzyme to undergo conformation or shape changes. Changes in the specific activity of the enzyme caused by variations in the concentration of NADP could be interpreted as supporting the theory of conformational change. The enzyme in question is located in the inner membrane of the tapeworm's mitochondria. These tapeworms were homogenized, and through a series of centrifingations, the enzyme was isolated. Various concentrations of NADP were then added to the isolated enzyme solution, and the mixture was then incubated in a water bath at 56^{circ} mathrm{C} for 3 minutes. The enzyme was then analyzed on dualbeam spectrophotometer, and the following results were calculated in terms of the specific activity of the: enzyme in nanomoles per minute per milligram of protein: Test the hypothesis at the 0.01 level that the average specific activity is the same for the four concentrations.

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