Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The #1 Cause of Insulin Resistance OVER AGE 40 (4 Ways to Fix it FAST)

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The biggest cause of insulin resistance over age 40!

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – Aging & Insulin Resistance
1:11 – Use Code THOMAS for 15% off Lakanto
2:25 – Mitochondrial Dysfunction
5:24 – How Do You Increase Mitochondrial Biogenesis
7:51 – Inflammation


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46 thoughts on “The #1 Cause of Insulin Resistance OVER AGE 40 (4 Ways to Fix it FAST)
  1. The only thing I don't like about this video is the erythritol in the ad
    I can't believe how many products are ruined with erythritol when they literally don't even need to be sweetened further lol :')

  2. Erythritol makes my belly retain fluids, really badly and vomiting. Iโ€™m good with allulose & sucralose & stevia. I can tolerate some sugar from coconut or just pure glucose, but not grains, grains make me fat fast!

  3. I treat my diet like a chemist his work in laboratory I try to combine the achievements of science and knowledge with application through practical tests. I am looking for simple solutions to make it healthy and tasty, actually my diet is a drug that makes me feel better than 10 years ago, and even when I was younger. I'm surprised how it works. The first thing you need to do is have a firm resolve in your head that you want to learn to live healthier and better than before, and always pursue that goal consistently. Regardless of how you eat, follow the first rule, throw out anything that contains a lot of toxins, someone praises the Carnivor diet, so let me show you the quality of this meat, preferably in a laboratory, is it clean, okay, or has a lot of toxins, bad I will advise you because you will be under the influence of toxins. After you've eliminated all the toxic foods from your table, focus on what's causing the sugar spike. Eliminate products with a high glycemic index. The next step is to balance the diet according to your own needs and biological predispositions, how often you need to eat, which makes us feel really good. a small simple example of turmeric I know that it is healthy provided that it is good quality, good quality organic turmeric great from Sri Lanka. I know that it works effectively in combination with pepper in a ratio of two to one I created such a mixture. I do not eat meat or eat very little meat, I know I derive my iron deficiencies mainly from organic cocoa, which is why I combined cocoa yoghurt with turmeric and added blueberries. Since I excluded sweet products, now I am very indifferent to this taste, so I really like yogurt with turmeric and cocoa with blueberries, this is just a small example of the practical application of knowledge in treating with the stomach. Turmeric soothes inflammation and the richness of polyphenols from berries and cocoa supports the protection of blood vessels, live yogurt and the bacteria contained in it ensure high absorption of nutrients. I know olive oil contains valuable polyphenols. I combined this with knowledge of nosocomial infections where it was investigated that rosemary oil and thyme oil together can kill virtually any microorganism that causes drug resistance, so what if we add a sprig of rosemary to olive oil and thyme and use it in the kitchen? The whole combination of pro-health polyphenols will go to the digestive tract? This is a small part of this practical knowledge in application, pieces of jigsaw puzzles that make up a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Per physical training. When I was diagnosed as Type 2 I was warned, as an endurance runner that I had to avoid both resistance training and endurance running because this would make my sugars rise. Well I'm happy to report that in my case, that is not true, my levels actually come down after a run or a workout!

  5. Thanks for the vid! Please consider adjusting the audio on future vids; backing track should be lower and duller than your voice audio or itโ€™s difficult to understand ya. Easiest thing is turn music down, but eq and compression on your voice would help either way

  6. You need to cut carbs and sugar and you won't hit autophagy untill you fast for 72 hours…. so health and proper vitamins an minerals are important not to have deficiencies. Check out Dr. Eric Berg

  7. Thank U Thomas! I will be 50 in 2023, female. Ihave been doing OMAD for a long long time 5 days a week. No longer is this practice enough. My body no longer is keeping weight off, and now I need more fasting and have a feeling I will not keep the fat off. Plus, I am sore and its harder to run and lift with elbow and knee soreness. I take tumeric religiiusly every day. I guess I need to take more. Plus probably need to develop longer term fasting, maybe anaorexia will follow. I dont want to be overweight from 50 till death

  8. Someone commented in another video that red light therapy improves the function of mitochondria? I avoid sugar and limit carbs…I exercise and lift weights. I live in a hot country so the showers never get cold enough to be useful! (can't afford that much ice). Does anyone know if red light therapy is effective?

  9. Another outstanding boots on the ground video. I would love to discuss with you an American real estate market without the petro dollar. This has been something that has been my life's work since 2008. Everyone is thinking about the market in increments of months, and maybe a year. This is unwise. The America most were raising in soon won't exist.
    Regards Hylton

  10. According to a tease y that I read in the internet when you continue to fast for a long period of time like you continue to fast for three days for over five years or more years the type 2 diabetes could develop ketoacidosis which is dangerous and could be fatal. Have you encountered with this kind of research or similar to it? How accurate is this research?

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