Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Facial Fat Volume Loss and how to restore it NATURALLY | Promising new Study on Skin Aging & Rooibos

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In todays video we are talking about Facial Fat Volume Loss and how to possibly restore it naturally, without the help of fillers or procedures.
Bev Sanderson, a good friend of mine and the founder of Maysama is sharing an incredibly fascinating and promising study with us, on how Rooibos has actually been shown to increase mitochondrial health and with that increase fat stem cells and reverse facial fat loss.
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Here is the study mentioned:

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Here are timestamps if you want to jump ahead
What is Rooibos 01:15
Implications of facial fat loss 02:08
What causes skin sagging 02:50
Effect of rooibos on fat stem cells 03:51
Why we loose facial fat 04:00
Study results 05:00
Aspalathin enriched rooibos 06:18
How is the study done 07:25
Can we eat our way to plumper skin 08:05
Why eating more is not the answer 09:20
What else causes facial fat loss 10:20
Maysama’s new product 12:50

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