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True Health – 5 Keys to Restoring Your Health and Getting off the RX Addiction 2022

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With the world becoming increasingly toxic and the incredible lack of knowledge regarding appropriate healthcare, it has never been more important to take charge of your health and your life. The Extreme Health Academy is a website that’s full of information to help you learn exactly what you must do to survive and thrive in this world.

Best of all this website is a community of people ready to help others on the road to optimal health with features like an online forum, live workshop, podcasts, monthly video courses a supporting community, and much more!

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Academy Content Count: 647 videos, 145 hours, 48 minutes, 17 seconds.
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Here’s a snapshot of some of our courses…

– Your Roadmap to Health
– Sacred Sexuality by Miss Jaya
– Best Skin Ever!
– Unbreakable Bones
– Liver Rescue
– Whole Body Restorative Exercises
– Diabetes Mastery
– Adrenal Health Recovery 101
– Deep Sleep Mastery
– Heart Health Optimization
– Autoimmune Disease Solutions
– Prevent & Heal Cancer Naturally!
– Build Invincible Immunity!
– The Hormone Optimization Course
– The Complete Digestion Course
– Your Nervous System!
– The 3 Stressors
– Getting the Healing Process Started
– Yoga For Healing

Get ready to start taking control of your health!



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42 thoughts on “True Health – 5 Keys to Restoring Your Health and Getting off the RX Addiction 2022
  1. Connect Metaphors. **Take Action**A smoking gun effect Is believe God made Everything good/ 6 x stated in Genesis, Psalms 104:14 Herbs are for the service of man, bread for strength of heart. Cast wheat, rye, flax, fitches.. (Without God's knowledge, people are destroyed- Hosea 4:6)
    It is too sad to Know good health, Recovered from 65 symptoms in 1990 after 15 year sorrows; to give testimony and be Misunderstood by New husband- I'm overridden with scowls, Scream, make character jabs and Untruth words Because damage accrued in Repressed brains, also family, 1st husband. Dr. Daniel Amen, ' healing the hardware of the soul' ( the brain)

  2. What If you are having GI issues I'm not digesting protein. What could this be. Been sick since January since the virus. Long haul. How do we rid the spike protein??? PLEASE

  3. Great video, everything you eat drink breath think put on your skin changes your body chemistry,
    Fruit is live raw and unprocessed, you need live raw food to regenerate and heal and that is fruits,
    Vegetables are good to but most vegetables are cooked,
    Cooking food is the fall of mankind.
    Love from the raw vegan.

  4. we need a polyopoly and boycott monopolies. Billionaires and millionaires can't spend fast enough to put money into circulation. If every person runs their own business, service, craft, art…then every person can buy a home, pool, car, vacations, etc.
    We don't need to print new currency…we just need to buy and spend among ourselves, and boycott corporate chains that destroy small local business that stifle humans to truly THRIVE.
    We need to replace for profit hospitals that profit for wellness centers that prevent disease in from existing.
    we need community banks that lend and borrow at same rate 5%. Their customers are their investors that live in that community and give loans for businesses in that same community.
    We need to ban toxins from products.
    Political offices can only be held in proportion to society. If 1% are rich, then only 1% can hold office. If 58% are women, then 58% of political representation must be women….homeless, gay, poor, middle class, Asian, etc. political system matches population. We vote when we file taxes to avoid voter fraud.
    Every person that works for the government…must be transparent ( we can see what they've been paid, who they invest with, gifts received to detect FRAUD)
    Educational system that is not censored and edited to indoctrinate and blind debt consuming monsters!

  5. JP Morgan chase bank thanks for that article definitely somethings up??????????

    OMG!!!!! Now they’re changing the Bible?
    Oh well they changed our history books what next?????

    got to get everybody together to form a new United States; which Washington & our forefathers didn’t do

    It’s not gonna be easy but it’s gonna be well worth it for our future generation to survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My God they figure they don’t need women because now they can grow babies in a test tube?????????
    What the hell is going on???????????

    I don’t know about you but my God says this is got to be stopped now before extinction!!!!!!!!!

  6. Take CO Q 10….AND don't take prescribed drugs! Especially statins. If you have mental health issues, then take your drugs! Otherwise find another way to solve your problems other than prescribed drugs

  7. Women if you want to avoid breast cancer stop wearing a BRA!
    In countries where women don't wear bras they don't have high breast's believed that under Wires cut off the flow…hence causing breast cancer! This is a fact you can research 🤔

  8. Thank you for your video Dr Bergman. I purchased your Blood pressure program. Very happy with it but still hasn't helped lower my blood pressure due to having Conn's syndrome. Do you have any natural remedies for Conn's? I have tried spiracatone etc but had to cease due to severe cramping. Specialist increased doses of my blood pressure meds plus included a directic but BP still high & having terriblee side effects of meds. Any other recommendations by yourself would be appreciated.

  9. I pray as a long time watcher of your videos . I love the info you give on your videos, and have learned a lot ..thanks! But please can you keep your political views aside? Yes there are democrats that have been following your page for years. I take the eat the meat spit out the bones approach now..but it's getting a bit much. Please and thank you! 😊

  10. =====================================
    Immortality / Causes of Death / Lifespans
    Prolongs Life 🌿🌞👣
    1. Sun/Sleep – Sobriety – Fresh Air & Walking.
    2. Salad, Citrus, Salts / Iodine, B12, Omega 3
    3. Sublaxations/Mobility – Animal Kindness
    4. Shower, Hygiene & Dental – O.M.A.D./Fast 3
    5. Sex Conduct/Family – Hugs, Song, Prayer.
    Causes Death 🍺🤡🚬
    1. Smoking – (chemical vapours/car exhaust)
    2. Alcohol – (fructose, syrups/sugar, caffeine)
    3. Drugs/Cosmetics – (surgery/tats, piercings)
    4. Incorrect Diet – (carnal, dairy, synthetics)
    5. Accidents – (auto/weapon/industry/medic)
    6. Sunlight Deficiency (sleep quality, recovery)
    7. Sexual Misconduct (mods/STDs/aborts)
    8. Immobility (abhorrant leg use/sedentary)
    9. Anger Issues (homicide/suicide)
    10. Dental / Hygiene – Dehydration – Low PH
    11. Water (drowning, floods, tsunamis)
    12. Wind, Fire (drought/winter, bitter cold)
    13. Weather (lightening/tornado/hurricane)
    14. Insects, Snakes / Pets (dogs/cats)
    15. Woods, Wildlife (falling trees, dogs/cats)
    16. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Avalanches
    17. Noxious Plants, Mushrooms & GMO's
    18. Solar Flares, Electromagnetic Storms
    19. Comets/Meteors, Planetary Collisions
    20. Black Holes & Supernovas.
    Lifespans in Years. 📜⌛
    – Pre-historic –
    Methuselah: 969
    Historic: 120 – 127
    Average Mean: 425
    – Modern –
    Oldest Currently Alive: 112 – 116
    Healthy American: 80 – 87
    Average American: 45 – 50
    5-D American: 16 – 24
    Average Mean: 50
    Glenn Munro / L.H.E.S.D.

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