Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Energy Blueprint w/ Ari Whitten + BoneCoach™

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Joining us today to explore the energy blueprint and the key to unlocking your best energy yet is Ari Whitten.

**Find the show notes @ https://bonecoach.com/ari-whitten-the-energy-blueprint

0:00 – Episode start
2:08 – Ari’s story and how this became his area of focus
7:50 – The role your mitochondria play in producing and enhancing your energy
15:10 – What does it look like when a person’s mitochondria are in defense mode?
18:30 – Why most people lose 75% of their mitochondria with age, and how to PREVENT this from happening to you
25:38 – How to grow bigger and stronger mitochondria (and even reverse the aging process by making MORE mitochondria from scratch)
32:00 – How does our nutrition impact energy levels?
32:51 – How does the use of caffeine and stimulants impact mitochondrial activity?
40:29 – What are the mechanisms by which sleep and circadian rhythm relate to our energy levels?
47:14 – What are some of the key strategies to optimize sleep and circadian rhythm for energy production?
50:09 – How does our body composition relate to energy levels?
53:58 – How does our gut health relate to energy levels?
59:35 – What are some of the biggest things we can do to optimize our nutrition for more energy?
1:09:39 – Where you can find Ari Whitten and his work

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The information contained within this episode should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare team and trained medical professionals before making any medical decisions and changes to your diet, lifestyle, and exercise routine.

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Bone Coach

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8 thoughts on “The Energy Blueprint w/ Ari Whitten + BoneCoach™
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    It’s never too late to get started. There is plenty you can do right now to be on the side of prevention and not reaction.

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  2. I found this very interesting. I will listen again and probably purchase the book. Thank you Bone Coach for all of the information you compile and share with us.

  3. Very good interview Kevin. So great to learn more about the mitochondria as we age. Interesting note – my sister and I went to look for blinds for my parents and in Canada they have outlawed the horizontal blinds that are controlled with string. You either have to pay a lot of money or use vertical blinds in order to open your blinds completely. This makes it very difficult to open our blinds to let daylight in!

  4. I have had adrenal exhaustion a couple of times and my saliva cortisol was flat lined. The naturopath was astonished. You may not have had it but I did.

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