Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria & Aging | Prof Pinchas Cohen Ep5

In this video Dr Cohen talks about how mitochondria age and how they are not all the same but different in each tissue.

Mitochondrial DNA variation in Alzheimer’s disease reveals a unique microprotein called SHMOOSE

Professor Pinchas Cohen is the dean of the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. He is a pioneer in the emerging science of mitochondria-derived peptides and their possible therapeutic benefits for diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other diseases of aging, an area which remains the focus of his current research.

Mitochondria-derived peptides in aging and healthspan

Dr Cohen’s page at USC
The Cohen Lab
CohBar Inc. Web site

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15 thoughts on “Mitochondria & Aging | Prof Pinchas Cohen Ep5
  1. If you would like to support our channel, we’d love a coffee ☕…thank you!

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  2. What are the best ways currently available/accessible to most people that can improve mitochondria function? (e.g. supplements, peptides, nutraceuticals, herbs, psychoactive compounds, meditation, infrared light therapy, etc etc)

  3. Everyone seems to be studying senescence and senolytics – is anyone studying nutrients/drugs to assist with mitophagy – either removal of old mitochondria, their repair, or their biogenesis?

  4. Check out MOTS-C and Humanin peptides for Mitochondrial and Human health benefits .. Both very exciting and indeed incredibly important metabolic regulators and indeed homeostasis promotional agents or compounds.

  5. Is it still considered true that mitochondria can be stimulated to increase in muscle cells by steady state anaerobic contraction (90 seconds or more)? This was asserted in Fred Hatfield's book "Scientific Bodybuilding."

  6. 4:20 … I believe Dr. Cohen misspoke when he said autophagy instead of apoptosis (programmed death of a cell)… autophagy is carried out by lysosomes, digesting damaged or non-functioning cellular components for energy. If such lysosomes digest a mitrochondria, that would be mitophagy. Anybody? Am I right here?

  7. That mitochondria look different in different cells is raising my alarms about mitochondrial infusions, but so far all of the results look good, to the extent that it is near the top of my list for future treatments some day, assuming we can get the source figured out so that we aren't transplanting busted, short lifespan mitochondria.

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