Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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How A Doctor Overcame Long Haul Covid Symptoms w/ Dr. Oz Garcia

Dr. Oz Garcia is recognized as a leading authority on age reversal and healthy aging. As “nutritionist to the stars” Oz is the go-to nutritionist for A-List celebrities and Fortune 100 CEOs. He has been voted best nutritionist by New York Magazine and has been featured in prestigious publications like Vogue, Elle, Travel and Leisure, W Magazine, and The New York Times.

He has also made numerous network and cable television appearances, including NBC’s The Today Show, CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America on ABC, 20/20, 48 Hours, The View, The Doctors, Access Hollywood and Fox News.

In this episode, Oz speaks about balancing mTOR and autophagy when building muscle, staying fit, and extending your life. After suffering from debilitating migraines, Oz discovered the power of fasting to cure his severe health symptoms. Tune in as we chat about how unprocessed trauma gets stored in the body, recovering from long-haul Covid symptoms, and the importance of a good night’s sleep to recover, retain memories, and reduce stress.

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⌛ Timestamps

[00:00] Balancing mTOR and Autophagy To Build More Muscle and Stay Fit
After getting Covid, Oz lost 40 pounds of muscle.
If you eat too often, there will be consequences and health problems.
You will build better muscle mass if you learn how to back off of eating.
Oz Garcia recommends reading The 7 Principles of Stress: Extend Life, Stay Fit, and Ward Off Fat–What You Didn’t Know about How Stress Can Reboot Your Mind, Energy, and Sex Life: https://www.amazon.com/Principles-Stress-Extend-Fat-What-Reboot/dp/1623171814/benazadi-20

[10:40] Debilitating Migraines: How Oz Garcia Used Fasting To Cure His Health Problems
Oz read the book The Miracle of Fasting: Proven Throughout History for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Rejuvenation: https://www.amazon.com/Miracle-Fasting-Throughout-Spiritual-Rejuvenation/dp/0877900396/benazadi-20
Oz used to suffer from migraine headaches. After reading the book, Oz did a two-day water fast during a migraine, then he would go to the sauna and have an even deeper detox.

[22:45] Therapeutic Peptides Can Help Normalize Your Brain Chemistry
Certain peptides actually will regulate the brain chemistry of somebody who’s overweight or obese.
Oral peptides can be taken that profoundly affect normalizing brain chemistry.
With the right peptides, the body can regulate appetite and sugar.
Learn more about peptides from Jay Campbell: https://jaycampbell.com/

[39:20] Unprocessed Trauma Gets Stored In The Body Through Neurological Tissues
Trauma builds up, and it lives in neurological tissue.
Some theorists would tell you that trauma lives in different body parts, and we hold that somatically in muscles and ligaments.
Trauma accumulates throughout a lifetime.
PTSD is an extreme expression of trauma.
Covid left Oz with a lot of trauma and PTSD.

[42:10] Long Covid: Recovering From These Exhausting Symptoms
Oz suffered from intense joint pain, exhaustion & insomnia after Covid.
He had to teach himself how to breathe all over again.
Learn more about Wim Hof: https://www.wimhofmethod.com/

[48:40] Sleep Strengthens Your Memories and Helps Repair Your Body
Oz says to check out Matt Walker: https://www.sleepdiplomat.com/
If you’re going to recover from Covid, you must get religious about your sleep practice.
Your body will repair during sleep. Going to bed earlier in the night and getting up earlier in the morning have a terrific effect on every aspect of your biology.
Memory consolidation takes place during deep sleep.
Your room needs to be cold when you are sleeping.

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