Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

What are living organisms made up of? USDE| Class-9 American Medium|| 2nd Session

The processing unit of the cell(Brain of the cell).
It is a double membrane-bound organelle.
Contains the genetic material for inheritance.
The nuclear membrane contains pores that allow the transfer of materials.
Chromosomes are the genetic material present in the nucleus.
It contains DNA with associated proteins. 
They are present as threads called chromatin.
It is jelly like structure present outside the nucleus.
The cytoplasm is the fluid found inside the cell
They are referred to as suicide bags of the cell as they contain potent enzymes that can digest a cell. 
Lysosomes also help in defence by attacking a foreign object.
Mitochondria are also called the powerhouse of a cell.
They generate ATP
They also have a DNA which makes them a semi-autonomous organelle. 
Mitochondria can make their own proteins.


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