Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Why the body ages and performance in sport decreases put in simple terms. Age isn't just a number.

A short video on the ageing process and why our performance decreases with age. Once again I’ve just let it flow here so no script.
Hopefully it will help you understand why we can’t perform like we used to do and how age isn’t just a number but our age is of vital importance when thinking of a training plan. To ignore the effects of ageing in my opinion is going to lead to set backs with injuries.

Andy Kingston
BSc (Hons), DipBiolSci, CertNatSci

All advice given in this channel is my own opinion on the science and therefore I do not accept any liability if it impacts your training or health in any way. It is simply my understanding of the science so check it doesn’t cause you personal injury or training set back before implementing my advice.

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