Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Simple, Effective Ways to Improve Sleep Quality – Eminent Experts Weigh In | With Adiel Gorel

Check out this special episode of The Adiel Gorel Show featuring James Nestor, Patrick McKeown, Jonathan and Andi Goldman, Roudy Nassif, and Erlene Chiang, as they decode ways to improve quality of sleep. Find out how tongue exercise, nasal breathing, humming, natural light, and time of sleep can impact quality and duration of sleep at night. Don’t miss this rejuvenating episode!

Key Insights:

✅ James Nestor explains how the tongue rolls back during sleep, causing snoring and other sleep issues. Research shows how simple tongue exercises can help reduce sleep issues.

✅ Patrick McKeown talks about the importance of nasal breathing during the day as well as when sleeping. Nasal breathing is connected to kids’ risk of needing special education.

✅ Jonathan and Andi Goldman explain how humming is connected to sleep quality. Humming increases melatonin production, and can help us go back to sleep.

✅ Roudy Nassif explains how the presence of artificial light impacts cell mitochondria. The brain is confused about what time of day it is, impacting energy levels and healing.

✅ Erlene Chiang explains why we should all be following Mother Nature in the way that we sleep and wake up. Not doing so means that the body spends more time playing catch up.

Author, Investment Expert and Wellness Advocate Adiel Gorel isn’t just an expert in his chosen fields but also a storyteller who makes complex issues easily accessible. Tune in to his show where he addresses diverse issues with a single aim to improve quality of life.

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