Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Top 6 Supplements For Men Over 40 | Men's Health Tips by Dr Melissa Gallagher

If you are a man over the age of 40 – today’s video is featuring the best supplements for you to take to stay well, balance your hormones and get you feeling your best self. If you are looking to enhances your hormone levels, increases your energy, optimizes your vitality, want help balancing your testosterone levels, resolve metabolic slow down, weight gain, insulin imbalances – this video will greatly. help you.

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The Best Supplements to Take for Men Over 40:
1. Men’s MultiVitamin – Men’s Essential Plus:
2. Zinc Multi-Mineral:
*avoid taking on an empty stomach
3. Vitamin D3:
*test your vitamin D3 via simple at home blood spot test -order here:
4. Dandelion:
*test your cortisol levels:
5. Digestive Enzymes:
6. CoQ10 – in the form of mitoquinol:

If you want a deeper dive to optimize your wellness – enroll in my The Principles of Optimal Male Health Masterclass:

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if you are a gentleman over the age of 40 THIS is the video for you to watch by Dr Melissa Gallagher.

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12 thoughts on “Top 6 Supplements For Men Over 40 | Men's Health Tips by Dr Melissa Gallagher
  1. Living with HSV1 & 2 and HS wasnโ€™t easy for me, having the symptoms, flares up, pains , outbreaks.nothing really really help, untill I went natural .I was able to get rid of it long term with vegan/gluten free diet and natural protocol from DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME youtube channel.. it was a great experience and also was a breakthrough for me๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  2. Thank you for sharing. Out of 7 people at the dinner table, I was the only one who has never had COVID-19. My older brother had COVID-19 three times down in FL inspite of receiving the all necessary vaccines. I take D3, Magnesium, zinc, super enzymes, CoQ 10, milk weed, selenium and other trace minerals. I don't have a NP doctor in my neighborhood. Would you be willing to be my NP Doctor?

  3. Unless you have some sort of deficiency or underlying health condition, you don't need any of this. Just Stay away from the obvious: booze, smokes, sugars and processed garbage ect. Eat a well balanced diet. This can vary from person to person. And takes trial and error before a person can discover what their optimal diet consists of.
    Also stay away from toxic people and don't pack your head with too much of the garbage they throw at us on the news and in social media. Exercise often. And save your money. Everything we need is in nature and in our food. You.dont need to spend a dime on supplements of ANY kind as long as you're eating right.

  4. I am 66 years old I take magnesium, manganese, zinc,d3,k2,vitamin e,b12,C, and a multi mineral ,protein supplement. My diet needs are alittle different from when I was younger more protein because I still workout with weights.. started taking the magnesium when I was having heart palpitations. Dr did an Echo and told me I had a million dollar heart, but wanted to prescribe meds which I took for a very short time until I figured out I was probably deficient in magnesium. Palpitations went away shortly after taking magnesium supplement.

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