Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

40 pound weight gain on Keto & how Circadian Biology changed the game for her and her family!

How Kelly gained 40 pounds on keto – but then lost the weight on keto! How circadian biology and quantum physics changed Kelly’s health – helped her lose weight & change the health of her entire family!

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0:00 Introduction
3:47 How Kelly came to the circadian biology world
6:40 Taking plastic out of the house
7:30 Weston A Price approach to nutrition
9:20 Kelly’s experience with keto & feeling better
11:40 Why keto stopped working for Kelly 12:00 How light influences our hormones and weight
16:10 Everything Kelly tried to lose weight
17:00 What led Kelly back to circadian biology
19:20 How many people wreck their circadian health
21:00 How a quantum health coach differs from most functional medicine or coaching
22:00 How Kelly’s blood work changed when she had the weight gain
23:00 How Dr Jack Kruse has influenced Kelly’s parenting
24:00 Kelly’s course of action that helped her lose the 40 pounds
25:20 Kelly’s experience with Carnivore
28:00 Why I stopped wearing AirPods
31:03 The effect of WiFi on sleep & Kelly’s experiment
36:00 How the crunchy moms are missing the boat
37:30 Implementing quantum health with your kids & teens
43:30 How to get your kids on board with quantum health
46:30 Sunglasses and sunburn
47:30 Virtual reality headsets & the dangers for our kids
50:39 How Kelly has seen her kids improve from circadian biology
54:00 How understanding biology corrects psychology – and improving SAT scores with circadian biology
58:20 Parents taking the lead with their children’s health
1:00:00 Kelly’s experience as a quantum health coach & helping families
1:05:49 How to work with Kelly & her social media


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18 thoughts on “40 pound weight gain on Keto & how Circadian Biology changed the game for her and her family!
  1. I’m also proud of the fact that my kids were not allowed to game until they were in middle school. No phones until high school. We had a great pediatrician that said “no more than 1.5 hours of anything electronic” including tv, xbox, Nintendo phones etc . I also made them get outside. Buying a trampoline was a great investment. They loved bouncing on it year round. Their friends averaged 4 hours a day on electronics and my son said to me that he appreciated that we had limitations. It helped that we had the pediatrician backing us.

  2. These you videos are so good information.
    After i have listening you i have understand my body better and realise that i am leptin resistance and that is why i have gain weight on carnivore.
    Keep up these good and intresting topics💎💎❤

  3. Incredible to see you back working with a little one by your side! I attended your winter workshop, but a question was born of this conversation: I've been making sure to be present for sunrise/set almost 100% of the time. But in the summer, the sun rises before I wake up, and very close to my 10pm bedtime. Should I be waking BEFORE my usual wake time in the summer, to catch sunrise, and would I continue wearing my blueblockers 2hours before bed when the sun sets so late?

  4. Hi Sarah! Such a wonderful interview! Waking up early and exposing my eyes to the sun/daylight and wearing my orange lenses at night has really improved my sleep! I hope to one day be able to afford the 'Viva Rays' 👓, but for now, the cheapie Amazon pair I wear, are helping. I'm going to start unplugging the router before bed and see how that goes. Now, I just have to buckle down and get my diet in check so those glucose numbers go down. Healing first, and then the if the weight loss comes, wonderful! Thank you for all the info.

  5. Lion’s mane? I googled it, turns out it’s a mushroom. Is that what’s in your supplement? If so, how is that carnivore? Edit: I don’t want to sound rude. You can take whatever supplement you want. Just wondering

  6. Going to be sharing this with my daughter! She'll going to be going to dental hygienist school soon. Just finishing up some anatomy courses first. So, I've been making a point of getting out to the park during the weekday mornings. I find the benefits to be noticeable and amazing! I'm 65, 6'3', and currently about 330 lbs. Keto for 2 years then carni for the last near 3. I've solved my T2D, CKD, and lost about 190# so far. Last year just before Thanksgiving I had a heart attack and dropped in the middle of an intersection. Yah, the carbs have done some damage. Had a 6-bypass in 2008. Long story. Anway, after months of rehab, I've transitioned to weekday workouts at the gym in the afternoons as well. So, I've become addicted to the sunlight! OMGolly! Okay, I go out to the center of the park and strip down to my basketball shorts to get that morning light. Luckily for me there is an iron bench bolted to a cement block there so I'd think I'm getting some great grounding as well. It has been a bit of a challenge to get over the fact that I've avoided the sun for most of my life. Been pretty afraid to do anything like this most of my life. Pretty mortified to be that big fat super bright white guy with man boobs on display out there. But, most of the folks have gotten to know me and that I'm not too weird. What I do find amazing is that I can go there and be on the verge of angina on the walk in. Totally tempted to take a nitro. But, after siting in the sun for 15 then doing some stretches for 5-10 with my back to the sun helps stimulate the nitric oxide as well as all the other good stuff that Jack Kurse has mentioned. I'll also do a couple rounds of Wm Hoff breathing when I get there too. What's so amazing to me is that after this I'm good to go for a short walk. Yah, not up to the full route yet. I'm good for the rest of the day after that. 😁👍But, I'm out there and this is a start for me. Loving the air, the sun, being alive! Okay, I'm probably sounding a bit nuts but I'm just so ecstatic about what this has been doing for me. Oh, as an aside, when I'm done I sit on my tailgate for another 10 or so and rock my legs back and forth. Apparently, (hoping!) this can help circulate the fluid around your knee joints replenishing and healing them. So, with all that introduction 😁, what are your suggestions for getting that morning sunlight as the weather gets colder? I mean it was 57° today at my start. I was good with that sun beading down on me but what to do when it's 30°. I mean I do the cold therapy in the shower. Will I be doing it outside too? 😱 Thanks for the great content! 💪😁🖖 <– Be strong. Be happy. Live long and prosper!

  7. Thank you for this vital information. This makes so much sense to me based upon my research and what I have read. As I listened further to this video and I am so amazed by Kelley's respectful parenting approach with her children. What a wonderful legacy she is giving to her family.

  8. U look Beautiful ♥️🙏🏻 and you just gave birth ( WHAT ) ???????? !!!!!!!!!!!

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