Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The SHOCKING TRUTH About Heart Disease & RISK Of Cardiovascular Events! | Dr. Jonny Bowden

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In this episode you’ll discover:
* A simple ratio you can use to determine your risk of cardiovascular events.
* Why statin prescriptions are based on outdated science.
* What population does not benefit from using statins.
* Why statins were developed, and what type of patient they are meant to treat.
* The side effects of taking statins.
* An important distinction between healthcare and sickcare.
* How the pharmaceutical industry dominates our health outcomes.
* Why there’s no such thing as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.
* A critical biomarker that can be used to predict risk of cardiovascular events.
* The difference between lowering cholesterol and lowering heart disease.
* What the main goal of pharmaceutical companies is.
* The connection between statins and insulin resistance.
* What percentage of Americans have some degree of insulin resistance.
* The relationship between diabetes and heart disease.
* How sleep deprivation impacts insulin sensitivity.
* The easiest way to improve your triglyceride levels.
* Why drug interactions are often overlooked.
* How statins actually work.
* What the awesome foursome is.
* Why the heart needs CoQ10, and how statins interfere with its levels.
* The role of statins in erectile dysfunction.
* How mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to disease.

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