Saturday, January 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The #1 Way to Reverse Insulin Resistance & Improve Diabetes is NOT What You Think

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Here’s how to manage insulin resistance without eating fewer carbs!

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – Managing Insulin Resistance
0:46 – Muscles as a “Glucose Sink”
2:39 – Vascularization
4:29 – Mitochondrial Function
5:59 – Ways to Restore Mitochondrial Function
8:14 – Get Grass-Fed/Finished Meat Delivered to Your Doorstep with Butcher Box!
8:58 – Aging, Inflammation & Insulin Resistance
11:47 – Fat Inside Muscle
14:06 – Steps to Manage Insulin Resistance (Do This)


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39 thoughts on “The #1 Way to Reverse Insulin Resistance & Improve Diabetes is NOT What You Think
  1. You know the thing about quitting smoking you go to light up a cigarette and then you stop right before you light it up. So I've been fasting for two days and today I decided to watch my favorite cooking show America's test kitchen. Pure torture and then I thought while I'm at it I may as well go downstairs and do some meal prep and I cooked up the most delicious chicken and broccoli and I had to put it in tupperware and put it in the fridge. πŸ˜‰

  2. I wonder if there has been an analysis of the seasonal diet change of hunter gatherers. My thoughts would be you would have seasons of foods that would swing from plant based sugars to high meat based protiens. Which would switch us from burning glucose to ketones depending on the enthic orgins obviously.

  3. I've been doing resistance training with single-set-to-failure (as a form of HIIT), kettlebell drills and steel clubs, plus walking. I have a spin bike, but haven't gotten around to doing HIIT on it much.

    Your study is associative, which means you cannot necessarily pin the cause to fat. The same thing that causes the fat is probably causing the insulin resistance (and we know people get fat along with insulin resistance, so this should not be a shock.) When I went keto, my insulin resistance went down.

    PS: Coincidentally, on the fifth day of a fast now. When I fast regularly, for at least 36 hours, my inflammation (primarily due to degenerative disc disease) is much lower.

  4. The reason of less capilary density been bad is because there are less and more narrow paths for the blood to flow thus the pressure increases. When more capilarie are created, blood slows down and gives more time for the glucose to bind on glut 4 receptors. Too fast transition and the glucose will pass by without binding. ALso intamascular triglycerides are not a bad thing since is an adaptation of endurance training. But overall fat attracts specific immune cells that are releasing pro inflammatory cytokines like TNFa and IL-6, so it comes down again to inflammation and disrupting the signal

  5. I’ve been off the keto for awhile but now I’m trying to get back to a healthy lifestyle. Good to know that you’re still putting out information. And I think your biceps are bigger.

  6. Can you film a video on how to implement carb cycling for ppl who are doing keto and fasting and are also doing resistance training? And do you still do the keto diet?

  7. Insulin resistance in not a disease the disease is too much sugar nothing more nothing less. Stop eating sugar and anything that turns into sugar in the blood.

  8. I can really relate to the results of all those studies, as they match with the experience I've gained over the last couple of years:
    My week consist of 4 keto and 3 carb days, always with an 6h eating-window. On the keto days I'm keeping a slight caloric deficit and on the carb days a slight caloric surplus to refill my muscle glycogen-stores. My bodyweight stays the same (as it should) at quite lean and muscular 90 kgs and I'm feeling great.

  9. Thoms, I really, really love your videos and you're a huge help and inspiration for a lot of people. But there is one thing lacking and I found a lot of people asking about it in comments as well. Can you please make a new food/diet plan for your viewers? I'm eating carbs and I still don't know what is the best way to break fasting. I've swapped to early eating window and my first meal is breakfast after a workout. I'm now sure what to eat. Can you please make a video about it? All the best man!

  10. This doesn't mean you can go apeshit on junk food.

    Its to be noted that the processed foods still spike our blood glucose way beyond what we have handled throughout history.

    Extra muscle really means that you can have that 2 bowls of ice cream or 2 brownies worry free. But not the 6000 calorie mayhem people do.

    Honestly, get rid off processed food and eat high protein diet for 8 to 10 weeks to get over the food addiction. Then slowly reintroduce a few calories of junk now and then.

  11. Hey Thomas – I've been looking for data/information on the effect of nicotine on insulin resistance but I cannot seem to find much on the topic. You have been focusing a lot on insulin resistance recently and I would like to see your analysis on that topic. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

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