Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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EHA 2022 – 2.2. Gene therapy to extend Healthy Lifespans (Liz Parrish)

Liz Parrish, is the Founder, and CEO of BioViva is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, innovator, author, podcaster, and a leading voice for genetic cures. As a strong proponent of progress and education for the advancement of regenerative medicine modalities, she serves as a motivational speaker to the public at large for the life sciences. She is actively involved in international educational media outreach. Dedicated to the cause of improving and safeguarding more and more lives, Elizabeth asserts, “We are focused on saving as many lives as possible by making tomorrow’s therapies available today”.

article “Drag-and-drop genome insertion of large sequences without double-strand DNA cleavage using CRISPR-directed integrases”


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3 thoughts on “EHA 2022 – 2.2. Gene therapy to extend Healthy Lifespans (Liz Parrish)
  1. Increase lifespans
    End Human aging process
    Defeat aging, diseases, old age mortality, and death
    Achieve immortality, longevity, ageless, anti aging, age reversal and eternal youth
    Make earth, humanity, nature, and wildlife 100% age related disease free, anti death and immortal utopian future

  2. Thanks for providing an update to your work. Cost of creating the vectos in volume is the biggest obstacle for the average person to seek therapy. Is there any recent breakthroughs that could bring the cost down?

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