Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How I am fixing my mitochondria

How I am fixing my mitochondria using my circadian rhythm. Sleep is vital for weight loss and for keeping weight at a normal, stable level. If you are stressed, not getting good sleep, are skipping breakfast every day or doing fasted high intensity workouts, chances are you need some mitochondria rehabilitation. In today’s video I am sharing how I am starting this process by fixing my circadian rhythm.

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31 thoughts on “How I am fixing my mitochondria
  1. Not eating enough is a killer. Carnivore has me extremely satiated, so I just do not feel hungry. However, my body and moods are screaming at me that I am not eating enough. It is a real dilemma.

    Fasting, for women, is a no-no. Especially those of us who have dieted, been damaged by GI diseases etc. Our hormones are energy hungry and are made up of cholesterol.

    I HATE that women of our generation are so damaged by the last 50-60 years of dietary guidelines. It is criminal.

  2. I am looking to regain my health again.
    It's a battle. A daily battle.
    Nice to watch you, as always. Good that we are not alone.
    Rooting for you and delighted to see you putting out content again.

  3. Christina it is not down to thyroid having a thyroid face. You have gained weight so therefore, you will gain weight on your face. When you were slimmer, you still had a thyroid problem,yet your face was slimmer..

  4. Good to see you! Yay for new habits, good job Christina!! ??
    Are you still counting calories? I find that l need to watch after my calorie and macronutrient intake on chronometer. It helps me a bunch!

  5. I try to eat only when I am hungry, so when I wake up in the morning, I like my coffee with cream and I don't get hungry until about 11:30 a.m. I was doing great on Keto from about 2017-2018, I lost 25 lbs. I am hypothyroid, type 2 diabetic, and 68 years old female, so I cheated a little here and there and gained back 20 lbs and I have gained and lost the same two pounds over the last 4 years. I am not motivated to exercise, and my sleep is not good. I am listening intently.

  6. I have been watching since you were in Ireland. I also hit a w.loss stall about a year into keto back in 2017. I stopped tracking and slowly gained 25 back from my lowest. But have managed to still keep off 40. I have appreciated seeing your journey because it feels similar to mine. Keto/low carb is a tool for me. I also believe there is more to the puzzle. It is still hands down the best woe I have tried in my 50 years of trying diets. I really appreciate you keeping us informed of what you have been discovering on your journey. I thank you for sharing. I am always looking for more information to help me on my journey. ?

  7. Your problem is something that most suffer with. Being cold, losing hair and all the things you mentioned are all clear signs of under eating. There's no keto diet of 1200 calories,that's super low and the reason you have health issues and now have gained some weight. You need to undo a lot of what you say to progress.

  8. Christina, you explained yourself that fat deposits cannot be formed at your mid section where fat cells were removed during liposuction. So now extra fat deposits are formed in your face (and probably legs and arms). Weight is not a good measure of a body tone, how do your jeans fit you that you wore after surgeries. If they are comfortable or loose, you have nothing to worry about 2 extra kilos, it might be just extra muscles gained from walking and yoga exercises from your paid membership online classes. Best wishes and lots of health to mitochondria and other cell organels!

  9. I have found that once one hormone is out of whack, they all go out of whack trying to compensate. Stress is a killer. High or low cortisol affects your thyroid hormones, reproductive hormones and insulin too.

  10. ?????Thank you Christina, I enjoy and respect your honesty, it's what keeps me watching till the end….plus I love your kitty cats! I belong to your Keto bootcamp and I'm excited to see what happens because I've tried everything and when I saw your offer to join the bootcamp and read your approach it was a no brainer and I signed up right away. It's a whole new approach and even though there are days when I want to eat a whole loaf of sour dough bread, I hear your words and philosophy in my head and eat my protein priority keto meal and then forget about the bread…like magic.

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