Monday, December 4, 2023
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How Keto Affects Your Brain

Nutritional ketosis – aka a ketogenic diet – has profound effects on your body’s metabolism but also on how your brain functions. In fact, ketosis can dramatically improve how your brain works – that may mean eliminating seizures, helping you think more clearly, or even reducing or eliminating symptoms of mental illness. In this video, experts in the field explain how this works and why it may matter for you or a loved one with mental illness.

This video was recorded at the first ever Metabolic Psychiatry retreat, hosted by Baszucki Group in May, 2022 in Santa Barbara. The conference brought together psychiatrists, neuroscientists, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to build community in the emerging field of Metabolic Psychiatry.

Scientists and Clinicians featured in this video:

Jong Rho –
Zoltan Sarnyai –
Twitter: @ZSarnyai
Ana Andreazza –
Twitter: @anacandreazza
Dominic D’Agostino –
Twitter: @DominicDAgosti2
Georgia Ede –
Twitter: @GeorgiaEdeMD
Chris Palmer –
Twitter: @ChrisPalmerMD


About us
Metabolic Mind™ is a nonprofit initiative incubated by Baszucki Group. Its mission over time will be to provide resources and build community in metabolic psychiatry.


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One thought on “How Keto Affects Your Brain
  1. One of the controversies of the agriculture revolution is we’d become less dependent on our symbiosis with nature. Hunting and gathering days were long gone. We controlled the situation with the upper hand and now had the luxury of 3 square meals. No surprise our brains are naturally able to handle energy efficiently in only increments spread out by large gaps of time.

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