Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Sally Norton on Oxalate Toxicity, Dumping and the Carnivore Diet – Toxic Superfoods

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Sally K Norton is a Cornell University-educated nutritionist, dietary consultant, and lifestyle coach. She works with people struggling with unexplained joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, fatigue, and brain function problems. She has unique expertise in the link between dietary oxalates and mysterious health problems and has been at the forefront of educating patients and clinicians on the dangers of oxalates, which she explains in her new book “Toxic Superfoods.”

Contact Sally K Norton here:
web: sallyknorton.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sknorton/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/toxicsuperfoods_oxalate_book/
ORDER Sally Norton’s book here – https://www.amazon.com/Toxic-Superfoods-Oxalate-Overload-Sick-ebook/dp/B09BTM7QS7/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1R1YC16BP7GVC&keywords=sally+norton&qid=1670001538&sprefix=sally+nor%2Caps%2C686&sr=8-1

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21 thoughts on “Sally Norton on Oxalate Toxicity, Dumping and the Carnivore Diet – Toxic Superfoods
  1. Sally K Norton is an angel. All of the information she offers online, both through her website and interviews like this, are hugely hopeful for those of us who have suffered from oxalate toxicity. I am literally counting down the days for the publication of her book. Can't wait to read it. Great interview!

  2. Loved this one!
    I'm starting to be convinced that I'm simply detoxing constantly, literally more or less, day after day.
    Plus drinking red wine and ice cream probably isn't helping! ?
    Do these things have a lot of oxalates?

  3. Would be cool if you made a video on…

    •> How to effectively increase Oxalate Detox:
    Sweating? HiiT? Milk? Cheese? Some supplements?
    Shower? Sauna? Warm bath (which temperature is best?)? Drinking lots of Water (+Salt? Salt+Oxalate bond is soluble > Pee Out)?

    •> How to effectively decrease Oxalate Dumping:
    Cup of tea? Banana? Avocado? Rice? RiceCracker? RiceCracker with chocolate (is that too much oxalate)? Vitamin C?
    Or stop some of the above, like sauna etc?

    Does stress / Cortisol / Insuline etc has an influence?

    Anecdote: When I ate cheese on Atkins I didn't notice anything different.
    Eating cheese on Carnivore (zero oxalate) I noticed a huge difference.
    The next day I would start to feel a bit miserable.
    I would go to the toilet, it looked like yellow peanut butter, soft, no solid shape.
    And it Burned like CRAZY! Much worse than chili peppers!
    My guts were probably filled with oxalate through the gall bladder.
    And formed the tiny needless needles, CalciumOxalateCrystals.
    Then I would feel really miserable for about 2 hours…
    I would have to lay down.
    But maybe it's actually worth it, if it can increase detox.

    Or mix just a bit of cheese…

    I think I will try again, I did get the impression that it didn't burn much anymore.
    But maybe that's because I didn't ate any huge chunks anymore…

    If I fast I feel great overall, could it be that it actually stops the oxalate dumping for a while!?

  4. I had a Microscopic Colitis flare (diarrhea every day) for a year. I had tried all sorts of diets – low fodmap, etc. and nothing made a difference. I was really depleted, tired and depressed. I started a low oxalate and low-ish salicylate diet and within a week the diarrhea stopped. I've been having normal BMs for over a month now! Life changing!

  5. Quite a lot of people heal their cancer by eating nothing but plants, especially through juicing. I'm not saying eating plants as a lifestyle is good, I'm just saying that it's like a double edge sword that can help some more than hurt them. Sure there's the oxalate issue and other toxins, but many plant foods have stuff in them that can kill cancer. Hell, some people manage to beat their cancer eating only fruit. Some things just work for some people.

  6. Always learn something new with Sally. Thank you. If you talk to her again I'd like you to suggest her to talk to Ernesto Prieto Gratacós who has long experience with huge vitamin c supplementation and argues that it won't ever become oxalate. He has a big following and has treated cancer patients for years and is vehemently insisting on that fact about vit c

  7. A 25 fold increase in oxalates does not even show a doubling of it flowing through your urine. There is obviously a genetic predisposition, however there is an increased risk with the consumption of meat and fish in particular a250% increase having consumed tuna. Eating more fruit and vegetables has shown a decrease risk due to their alkalising effect. As for cabbage it has about 1mg of oxalates per 100g so basically nothing.

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