Monday, December 4, 2023
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That's an Actual Triceratops! │ Parasite Eve #13

A Square Soft PS1 RPG classic that tons of people love, and I’ve never played it! PARASITE EVE follows the story of Aya Brea and the bizarre appearance of Eve. Why are people combusting around the city? Why are awful creatures appearing? What is their connection to each other? Why are the cutscenes just SO GOOD looking?

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45 thoughts on “That's an Actual Triceratops! │ Parasite Eve #13
  1. Oof disc freeze…Hope future psx plays can be PC emulated since ePSXe/pcsxR graphics can look almost PS2 quality these days XD
    Funny how you can just pause the game til next episode without any save point phone^^ 
    Given that SquareEnix is Japanese, what are the chances of a goop megazord rly? 😉 😉

  2. The way it glitched out reminds me of the cleaning discs I used to have on hand for my PS1 and PS2 back in the day. They had little brushes on the discs that would clean the laser in the console. They are intended for optical drives in PCs, but still worked on my consoles and helped fix some rando disc read errors. While optical drives are still around, they are increasingly rare so I'm not sure if the cleaning discs are still made. Ah the good old days…weird issues that aren't a thing anymore in the age of digital downloads.

  3. Klamp went full Hojo just moments before of becoming a crispy steak, that being said, it makes sense that he went full Hojo knowing that Parasite Eve was made using one of the early concepts for Final Fantasy VII.

  4. Let's go for some T-Rex action! Ready to see the epic battle and all the way with Eve. This has been a great series to lead into Christmas.

  5. 15:57 was where I had flashbacks to when I played the original final fantasy 7 and Dyne and Barrett were getting shot at in the flashback…game always froze there cus the disc was scratched to hell but it was only that part of the game that froze. Sometimes it would get beyond it….sometimes.

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